Since it was founded in 2006, C0MPLÉX1 has continued to grow year over year at an impressive rate. We credit this to our talented team of professionals, who are dedicated and driven to providing quality Internet marketing services to the countless companies and customers we serve throughout the local Raleigh-Durham, NC area as well as nationally and internationally.

As a company, we've cultivated a culture based on experience, expertise, and ethics; and we invite you to be part of this journey as an investor.

How We Position Ourselves in Today's Marketplace

At C0MPLÉX1, we are uniquely positioned to greatly increase the number of clients we serve across an increasingly diverse spectrum of disciplines. As an investor, we place significant emphasis on two key areas: relationship development and transparent communication. This is accomplished by providing clients with regular, frequent updates through both formal as well as informal communication channels.

Being part of C0MPLÉX1 means staying abreast of the latest economic shifts, global technology and marketing trends, as well as possessing individual knowledge and/or expertise in various subject matter. We believe in the power of diversity to contribute to overall growth, and this is reflected not only in the staff we hire but the investors who work with us to support the quality and depth of the work we produce for clients.

Why People Invest in C0MPLÉX1?

Companies turn to us as a trusted resource for helping them set and achieve actionable online marketing goals. As a successful Internet Marketing company, the benefits for our investors center around fulfilling three basic needs:

  • GROWTH -  C0MPLÉX1 investors are adept at goal planning and staying abreast of economic fluctuations. They are quick to to adapt to a shifting economic landscape while looking for new investment opportunities.
  • INCOME - C0MPLÉX1 investors make recommendations to protect the company against various risks, as well as provide financial wherewithal to accomplish future investment goals.
  • PROTECTION - Each of our investors has a vested interest in helping to ensure that the company's essential expenses are covered. This allows us to position our investment portfolio for growth.

Investor Offerings at C0MPLÉX1

Currently, C0MPLÉX1 is offering Investor Advisor (IA) positions as part of our Investor Advisor Team (IAT).

The mission of our C0MPLÉX1 Investor Advisor Team is to always communicate with transparency and integrity, and to act in the best interests of the future, continued growth of the company while also being a trusted resource for C0MPLÉX1's investors and analysts.

The IAT has the power to vote on and make recommendations to C0MPLÉX1 regarding decisions that affect our continued growth. Communications with our investors will include quarterly reports and activity updates on certain milestone events (i.e. a major client acquisition, new investment, or exit of an existing client). Formal reports will be sent directly to all investors using a secure connection to maintain confidentiality.

The long term goal for the C0MPLÉX1 Investor Advisor Team is to nurture long-term relationships with our investors while developing an understanding of their needs.

For additional information about investor opportunities at C0MPLÉX1, contact us today: