Website Security Consulting

If you own a website, especially one in which you ask people to input their secure information, then you should know that you and your clients are at risk. That may not be a fun thing to think about, but it is the truth. Unless you are taking measures to make your site very secure, every day is like a ticking time bomb. Don’t let your reputation be ruined or lose your clients’ trust; take measures now to make your site as safe and secure as possible. Our website security consulting services can help you to make that happen.

Find Out Where You Stand

The first step in increasing your website’s security is to learn where you stand in terms of your current security needs.

Our professional security experts can take a look at your current site and any security measures you already have in place. From there, we can give you an honest, accurate idea of where you are doing well in terms of security and where you have problems and security breeches.

Unlike other companies that try to sell you a “one size fits all” package, we make it our job to provide for your exact needs, and we make that possible by figuring out exactly what those needs are and then giving you the help you need to fortify security and make your site as secure and safe for your users as possible. We also function as a fully autonomous system and own our own IP addresses. These addresses can be used by our customers to further enhance site security.

Site Security: A Serious Problem

Even if you think you are doing everything you can to make your site secure, you should know that, unfortunately, the vast majority of sites are not nearly as secure as their owners think they are. Google has recently become aware of this problem and has advised sites to take certain steps to be more secure. However, many have not complied or have not complied fully, which can hurt their search engine ranking and put them and their users at risk.

We know what Google wants and, more importantly, what encryptions and other strategies need to be used to keep your site fully safe and secure.


Protect Your Site From Hacking

We can also help protect your site from getting hacked. And, in the event that it does get hacked, we offer full back-ups of your data to ensure you can recover after a hack.

We assist with HIPPA compliance and a wide range of other compliance needs and offer cold storage and other services. We are willing to work with your budget and can help sites of any size from small to large. Don’t leave your site at risk for another day. Contact us for help!