SEO is High Tech Work

As a business owner/manager, you are undoubtedly aware that you need professional SEO services in order to develop an online presence, make your business website easy to find, and to effectively market your business in the modern world. What you may not understand, however, is that SEO is highly technical and highly complex. (See: Technical SEO)

This means that, contrary to what you may have been led to believe, you cannot and should not hire just anybody to do SEO work for you. You absolutely need to hire a skilled team of SEO experts, such as those at C0MPLÉX1, that knows the SEO market inside and out and that can get you real results.

Making it to the Top of Google Takes Serious Work

While there are all kinds of things that can be achieved with good SEO strategies in place, the main thing that most businesses want is to get high rankings in Google search results. When someone enters a relevant search term, every business wants to be the first to pop up for that term.

Of course, this isn’t a simple thing to accomplish. Google is a huge, high tech company with a market cap of about $2 Trillion, and its search services brought in about 71% of its revenue in 2016-2017. Obviously, search is “Big Business” for Google, which means that there are lots of competitors out there, all vying for Google “search space.”

With so much competition, it’s obvious that you need an SEO company that truly understands Google search and its complexity. Otherwise, you are not going to get the kind of results that you want.

And, trust us when we say we understand Google. We have worked with Google on a daily basis for over 10 years. This Artificial Intelligence Engine is important to us and brings in over $8.5 billion in monthly revenue. Obviously, it’s incredibly important and beneficial for us to understand Google, which is why we go out of our way to do so.

We help our clients navigate Google by fully understanding both Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, concepts that are central to what Google does and how it operates. Because we understand how Google works and the technology it uses for both SEO and Google Ads, our clients get results that others don’t.

We work with this multi-trillion dollar software every day. We know it inside and out and have watched it grow and change over the last decade. Thus, if you want true Google experts on your side, work with us.

With so much competition, it’s obvious that you need an SEO company that truly understands Google search and its complexity. Otherwise, you are not going to get the kind of results that you want.

Of course, keep in mind that working with us and making it to the top of Google does not come quickly or easily! It is generally not something that can be accomplished overnight. Or possibly even a quarter or two depending on the difficulty of your particular competitive landscape. Thus, don’t be surprised if your SEO campaign may require a higher upfront investment. This emphasizes choosing a skilled SEO provider like C0MPLÉX1.

There are No Short-Cuts!

Sadly, some less than credible SEO companies out there will make big promises about what they can accomplish, SEO-wise, for your business and how quickly they can accomplish it. In truth, though, true, long-term SEO that is going to work for you and your business continually and effectively for years to come cannot be achieved so quickly.

It’s more than just loading keywords all over your web page (a technique used by sub par & dated companies that may garner a quick spike in results, followed by a huge decline once the quality of the work is degraded) or publishing links to your content all-over the internet (another scheme that can backfire). It’s about building solid website infrastructure and basically working from the inside out to create quality content and more that will build your business up and improve its online presence in a multitude of ways.

The bottom line is that, if you try to take short-cuts, they will eventually fail and do you more harm than good in the long-run. You’re much better off finding a skilled, reliable SEO company and making a real investment in the future of your business. Contact Us Today To Make It Happen!