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In today’s world, people have easy access to a wealth of information. If they’re interested in a particular product or service, all they have to do is go online and type a search term into Google. Just like that, they’re met with many possibilities and options. While this is a great thing for consumers, it also means that businesses have to work doubly hard to stand out. Furthermore, businesses aren’t just in competition with other local businesses. Many companies provide their services virtually or sell their goods online, so you’re also in competition with them. Plus, previous employees, business partners, or even family members may use what they know about you to benefit themselves or their new employers.

There’s no denying that modern business owners face a harsh competitive landscape. The good news is that you can use it to your advantage. And, here at C0MPLÉX1, we offer competitive search engine optimization services to help you do just that. With our help, you can stay informed about who your competitors are and what they’re doing. Then, you can use that information to surpass them and come out on top.


Effective competitive SEO services start with a positive online presence that helps your business attract the right attention. At C0MPLÉX1, we invest time in getting to know you, your business, and your target demographic. Then, we’ll make sure you have a website that appeals to both your current and prospective customers and the major search engines while staying true to your brand.

If you already have a website, we can perform a thorough SEO audit to help you identify and fix any issues that may be holding you back. We also employ skilled website designers and developers who can help you create a quality site from the ground up. We build sites that are attractive, easy to navigate, and compatible with a wide range of browsers and devices. Our sites are also packed with useful, informative content that can help you differentiate yourself from the competition and build better brand recognition.

While a well-designed website is a great first step, we can help your business shine in other ways as well. From building beautiful, recognizable logos to offering social media management and reputation monitoring and management services, we can help you create a distinctive online image you can be proud of. In fact, here are just a few of the many services we offer:



At C0MPLÉX1, everything we do is backed by research and a thorough understanding of how the internet and the major search engines function. When you hire us to perform competitive search engine optimization, we conduct thorough research on your competitors and the strategies they’re using. From there, we can provide you with detailed information on your competitors’ corporate structure, employees, online presence, and more. We then use this information to help make your business better.

We also perform in-depth keyword research and implementation to help your business appear near the top of relevant search results. Additionally, we carefully monitor the effectiveness of each of our strategies and make changes as needed. That way, you can stay informed and make the best possible choices for your business and its future.

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We are proud to offer competitive SEO services delivered by a team of skilled, experienced professionals. We employ web designers and developers, content writers, graphic designers, SEO / SEM specialists, marketers, and other experts with more than eight decades of combined experience. Together, we work tirelessly to help our clients achieve greater success.

We also pride ourselves on being accessible, friendly, and easy to reach. With us, you’re never just another client. Instead, we custom design SEO strategies with your unique goals in mind. You’re also free to speak directly with our founder and owner, Noah Boswell, whenever you have questions or concerns.



    And, if you’re curious about our values or abilities, consider this insight from C0MPLÉX1’s owner:

    I know what it’s like to work with companies that are very competitive, including situations where employees leave to compete, where adversaries steal content to re-mix and publish as their own, and where businesses are faced with hostile former employees or customers that slander them. We have been involved in all of the situations mentioned here and many more. Some of our work and tracking has been submitted in court cases, TRO's, DMCA claims and more. If you are looking for someone who can implement the utmost high standard SEO, tracking, and security, rest assured we can provide the level of service you require.

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