C0MPLÉX1 is an Autonomous System

C0MPLÉX1 has long been known as a leader in internet marketing. Now, we have taken steps to become a more vital part of the internet itself and to play an effective role in its infrastructure. That step is becoming an official autonomous system.

Autonomous systems, to put it simply, are important, widespread networks or network groups all linked together by a specific routing policy. C0MPLÉX1 has joined the ranks of these systems and is now officially registered with the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN).

Control and Efficiency

As an official autonomous system, C0MPLÉX1 will have greater control over routing within our networks. We will also be able to more easily and effectively exchange routing information with other ISPs.

With the many routers that our status as an autonomous system provides us, we are better able to work within BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) standards. This makes us an even more important part of the internet and online communications. It also provides us with more control in terms of routing packets to the most compatible networks.

Our new status also affords us the ability to:

  • Offer a variety of paths
  • Reduce failure rates through automatic redundancy
  • Use owned IPs across our network

A Future-Forward Focus

We have always prided ourselves on taking steps to stay informed, alert, and important in an ever-changing digital world. We know that this benefits us, as well as our clients.

For us, becoming an official autonomous system just cements our commitment to the standards we have always held. The more entrenched in the internet we become, the more knowledge and control we have over it, and we can use this knowledge and power to benefit our clients.

While other vendors may stay stuck with the same methodologies they have always relied on, we keep moving forward. It’s part of our commitment to you and our commitment to being responsible netizens.

Learn More

If you would like to learn more about these and other exciting developments, as well as how they could benefit you, contact us today. We’re always happy to discuss what we’re doing to improve the internet, the way it functions, and your organization’s experience with it.