Technical SEO

When most people think about search engine optimization (SEO), they think about what is known as “content SEO.” Content SEO is, as the name implies, about having the right, high quality content on a website and about making sure that the content includes the right keywords and data to draw in visitors from major search engines and to make the site appear in the search engine results. And, while content SEO is certainly the most popular form of SEO, one that gets talked about a lot, it is far from being the only form of SEO. Another equally important form of SEO is what is known as technical SEO.

Technical SEO is basically how a website and its content is set up, coded, and structured and of how and how easily major search engines, such as Google, perceive and interpret the site and its technical components. In general, the more correctly and simply a website is set up, the better its “technical SEO” and the more likely it is that Google will send the website to the top of the results when relevant terms are searched.


    So, what does good technical SEO look like? Well, that may vary from one site to the next, but, in general, technical SEO, when done properly, should include at least the following:

    • XML Sitemaps: these will give search engines a quick overview of what a website is like and how it is structured. They’ll show relevant/connected pages, videos, images and more for easier matching of search queries to search results. This also helps with site indexation (% of site that gets into the Google Index).
    • A Unique IP Address: Having a unique IP addresses that is not shared with other sites on the same server is important for businesses that are serious about having the best technical SEO. With a unique IP address, sites have less chance being accused of doing something spam related that other sites on the same server may be doing, nor can they be penalized to low down on the search results simply for being affiliated, via IP address, with another site.
    • Error Pages: Sometimes referred to as “404 pages,” error pages are a smart part of technical SEO. When these pages exist, they show up to users who click on a “broken link,” try to go to a page that no longer exists, or mis-type a link that is related to your site. It’s good to have these error pages since they keep people on a site even when the content they want is not available. Plus, having these pages keeps Google from thinking that your site is full of empty or non-existent pages that don’t direct the user to the right place, meaning your site.
    • Correct Coding: Finally, a site that is properly coded and set-up correctly is going to load VERY quickly, be easy to read and navigate, and, overall, just provide a pleasant experience to people browsing the site. By ensuring that a site is set up correctly in every possible way, this will gain the site higher rankings from users and from Google, earning it a higher space on search engine results. Coding is a huge factor in Technical SEO, there are so many programming languages and techniques that need to all be functioning perfectly to deliver the best user experience.


    There are many, many, many other aspects of technical SEO that may be necessary and/or beneficial to your business and its website, but these are some of the basics that every business website needs in order to have good technical SEO.

    When these and other properly implemented technical SEO systems and structures are in place, search engines will be able to, first of all, find your site and link it to relevant search terms. They’ll also be able to understand your site and how it’s laid out. When search engines can’t comprehend and analyze your site in this way, they may bump your site to the bottom of the search results, if it even shows up at all.

    Obviously, to avoid these problems, you need to work with a company, such as C0MPLÉX1, that can help to implement technical SEO procedures on your site and also to eliminate any errors or problems you may currently have with your technical SEO that are hindering your success with Google and other major search engines.

    C0MPLÉX1 offers years of experience with technical SEO and can help your business improve its technical SEO no matter where it is in the process. Whether you’ve never even heard the term “technical SEO” before today or have already attempted to implement technical SEO into your site, C0MPLÉX1 can help your business to reach its full potential through technical SEO, content SEO, and a solid, positive web presence. Learn how you can improve and grow today by contacting C0MPLÉX1 for more information and an in-depth analysis of your site and its current SEO techniques.