Google Certified Pay Per Click Management

Without proper management, a PPC advertising campaign is likely to lose you money. The key to success is expert management of your advertising campaign. With proper management and optimization, a PPC campaign that was losing money can become highly profitable.

C0MPLÉX1 is Certified Google Ads Partner and also Yahoo! Search Marketing Qualified. Contact us to find out how our qualified expertise can go to work for your business.

And we mean it when we say “expertise.” We have decades of experience working with Google on a daily basis. We know this trillion dollar software and how it operates from the inside out.

Because we understand the internal workings of Google, we can harness its power and put that power to work for you in a way that other companies can’t. We can help you increase your revenue & profit in ways you never dreamed possible.

Sales/Lead Centric PPC Management

At C0MPLÉX1, we are focused on getting you more leads and increased sales. We know you need PPC Marketing to produce results, and we’re here to help you do that. Here’s how:

  • Selecting the most effective, researched keywords based on: your industry, your time, & your budget
  • Managing your PPC campaigns and adjusting individual ads, bids & competitive keywords for a better quality score
  • Creating relevant ad text and corresponding landing pages
  • Monitoring market segmentation using Google Analytics & Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) to identify visitor motives for better campaign targeting
  • Operating with decades of Google experience and a full understanding of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, concepts central to how Google functions.

We can also help you create leads by reaching visitor who have been to your site or used your app in the past through remarketing. Our PPC management helps target potential leads with relevant ads that can turn previous visitors into future conversion. Let us reconnect you with the people who have shown interest in your product or service to help build your customer base.

With 88 years of combined direct experience & success in PPC management & SEO, we are confident that we can improve your online marketing success!


FREE, No-Hassle PPC Assessment - Contact C0MPLÉX1 Today

Find out how a professionally implemented, comprehensive PPC campaign can help you achieve your goals for your business.

We’ll start by asking you a series of targeted questions about your business, the goals you have for your business, and some of the challenges that you’ve faced. After thoroughly assessing all of this information, we’ll schedule a time to sit down and review everything as well as provide you with detailed feedback on what we can accomplish given your budget, time frame and other factors.

When creating your Google Ads campaign it’s important to make sure you’re targeting the right keywords so you aren’t paying for clicks that don’t get you leads. That’s why understanding match type is so important. C0MPLÉX1 can help you create and run a Google Ads campaign as well as remove negative keywords so you don't waste your marketing budget.

At C0MPLÉX1, we value each of the long term relationships that we build with our clients. Any information that you provide to us is strictly confidential. We will never share your information with anyone else.


    Are You New To PPC Advertising?

    So, you have heard about PPC Advertising, and you have heard about PPC management services, but how do you know if they are right for your business? Is PPC really going to work for you?

    Targeted search engine marketing allows you to present your website to prospects just as they are searching for what you have to offer. No other marketing method allows you to market to such a pre-qualified group of prospects.

    • Instant - Unlike SEO, using PPC advertising allows you start driving traffic to your site within minutes. No waiting or long term commitments.
    • Flexible - PPC advertising allows you to instantly and easily tweak and improve your advertising for maximum profit.
    • Effective - A Properly run PPC campaign can be very profitable and add to your business bottom line.

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