Managing Negative Keywords in Google Ads

Determining the most profitable keywords for your business and creating relevant ad groups and crafting ads that link to specific pages on your website is a key piece of any successful Google Ads or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign. Yet, the average Google Ads account wastes roughly 76 percent of its budget on the WRONG target words (source).

One of the most overlooked areas in Google Ads is making sure you’ve defined a list of negative keywords. Doing so, reduces waste in your Google Ads account.

Why Negative Keyword Phrases Matter in Google Ads, PPC

Negative keyword match types matter in Google Ads. As part of a successful PPC campaign, it is important to identify keywords as well as people & audiences who aren’t interested in what your company / business has to offer. Having the right negative keywords in place prevents your ads from being viewed by searchers who really aren’t interested in your business.

Hiring C0MPLÉX1 as your Google Ads specialist to help you manage your online ad campaign(s) is beneficial because it allows us to create fully customized, properly structured, detailed PPC campaigns in which you get the most clicks for your budget. Additionally, our Google Ads partnership means that we receive negative keywords directly from Google, making it easier and more accurate to help your ads reach your target audience.


Benefits of Adding Negative Keywords to PPC Campaigns

Excluding searches that are directed at unqualified visitors can save your company a great deal of time, money, and hassle. In addition to weeding out people who aren’t interested in your company’s services, other advantages to adding negative keywords include:

#1 – Improved Clickthrough Rate (CTR)

Implementing negative keywords into your Google Ads campaign ensures that your ads only run against relevant search queries. This improves the quality of the types of people (impressions) you receive while simultaneously and drastically reducing wasted clicks.

#2 – Increased Conversion Rate

Google’s goal with Google Ads is to get you the maximum exposure and maximum clicks. However, our goal as your trusted Google Ads professional and advertiser is to get you as much new business as possible. This means bringing in more qualified leads that convert! Implementing negative keywords as part of a bigger SEM strategy ensures that your Google Ads don’t show for certain keyword phrases / terms that you know won’t convert.

#3 – Tighter, More Relevant Ad Groups

Removing irrelevant keywords naturally leads to ‘tightening up’ the relevance of your Google ad groups. Having smaller, more closely related ad groups allows us to create one message that speaks to a specific set of keywords.


Save Time & Money: Hire a Certified Google Ads Expert

Google claims to have the best machine learning; however it still can’t differentiate simple things on the back end to weed out irrelevant traffic. C0MPLÉX1 is a trusted, certified Google Ads expert. We develop our own negative keywords for our clients, and a lot of work is done industry by industry to weed out negatives.

By helping you avoid having to pay for useless clicks, you save a lot of money by weeding out people who aren’t interested in or a good fit for your business. Hiring a professional Google Ads expert also saves you the time it would take to meticulously (and properly) set up, create, manage and interpret all of the data in your Google Ads account.


Stop wasting money, and start MAKING money. Contact C0MPLÉX1 today to learn more.