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Best Practice Google Ads Campaign Structure

Get Your Structure Right!

I can’t tell you the amount of times I have heard and said that!
To have a successful Google Ads Campaign you must have them structured properly. First make sure you have a Standard Edition NOT a Starter Edition. The Standard Edition gives you much more control and better functionality. And don’t worry, it’s not any harder to navigate and edit.

Each campaign should have its individual:

1. Daily Budget
2. Language Targeting
3. Location Targeting
4. Ad distribution preference
5. Start and end dates

Each Ad Group for each Campaign should have its individual:

1. Set of keywords that are relevant to each other.
2. Relevant Ad’s/Ad creative/Ad Copy for the keywords selected

If you have key words that have high CTR% ideally you should break those high performers into their own adgroup so the entire adgroup has the highest CTR%. Instead of being brought down by the other low performers. And even full campaign if you so choose. DON’T FORGET to use the “Copy or Move Keywords and Ad Text” tool to rearrange things if there is any positive history for the keywords and Ad’s. Or the Ads Editor works well also!

Quality Score (QS) is HUGE factor for every PPC marketer. The better your QS, the higher placement you get, and Cheaper your clicks cost! When I first got my start in PPC I was able to reduce CPC for my employer by 50% after going to an educational session for Campaign Structure optimization. More and more recently I have been seeing changes in the ease of getting Good and Great QS for new campaigns by starting off broad. I have some old (real old) Clients that have 100’s of key words in one adroup with 90% great score and 10% good QS and minimum bid as low as $0.01. These days I have noticed proper structure from the start is even more important to get and keep QS that is good and great from the start. Following this out line HERE is great to get and keep a QS of good and great from the start. However, with some of my Geo targeted clients even with absurdly structured campaigns they still can get some poor and okay QS. Which takes a bit more work with the other variables in the Ads management  Process. I found with these, getting the Click Through Rate up as quickly as posable will get the QS up the quickest. I suggest using the link above as a reference in all new campaign and adgroup creation to keep your Quality Score as high as possible.


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