Should I use Google AdWords Starter Edition or Standard Edition

This is a very Common question I get asked very often! “Which Should I use, AdWords Starter Edition or Standard Edition?

My answer is very simply: Google AdWords Standard Edition. 

The Starter Edition may seem to be easier, how ever the loss of settings far out weighs the value of Control. Plus when you really do get more familiar with AdWords and it really starts to make you good money, You will have to switch to Standard Edition and re-learn the set up all over again. Usually with the Starter edition, since it’s not as easy to turn off the stuff that wastes your money i.e. content network, mobile devices, etc. and not as easy to turn on the things that save you money like Time Targeting etc. your campaigns will not be nearly as profitable. Starter edition is a big reason people out there say they have “Lost money on AdWords”

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