Social Media Management

Today, social media is more important than ever. However, most businesses lack the time and/or resources needed to effectively build, and manage a social media strategy that yields success.

At C0MPLÉX1, we offer social media management services to accommodate the various needs of the diverse set of clients we work with. We can customize any social media plan to fit your industry, budget, and time.

Why Social Media Matters in Online Marketing

As a business, you may wonder what the implications are behind having a social media management strategy in place. Namely, one of the common questions we come across is, “How will my involvement in social media impact my business? Is it worth the time to put a plan into place?”

The answer is, “Yes”. Social networking sites have evolved over the years, and are now being used effectively by countless businesses to explore different networking relationships as well as build trust, engagement and act (in many cases) as a local resource for credible information.

In the online marketing realm, social media is a way to navigate somewhat complex issues, find out what customers are saying about your brand, and learn valuable feedback that can help you grow your business.

Example#1 : Automotive

A local auto mechanic knows it should have a social media presence but doesn’t due to lack of time and limited knowledge. After meeting with the owner, we are able to put together a comprehensive social media calendar to help create targeted content for specific social media channels on an ongoing, monthly basis. We research the industry, speak to the owner about about what type of content would be best to share, come up with a tangible list of KPIs, and implement a daily/weekly/monthly plan based on need/budget.


Example #2: Medical

A family therapist is expanding her business to two separate locations, and she’d like to establish a social media presence for both to help disperse information and news about her practice as well as interact with her target demographic. She has some knowledge of social media but needs direction to help her plan and execute a campaign. She also knows that she will need someone to manage it. We meet with the owner, refine her social media management goals, and put together two separate social media campaigns – one for each location. With this, we include graphics to be used in both social media campaigns to give each location a unique feel/look while maintaining brand consistency. A social media calendar is created and shared with the client to show what types of information will be shared on which social channels on specific days.

Example #3: B2B

A manufacturing company sells gates, fences, & other related equipment to suppliers throughout the country. Like many other businesses, they are cognizant of the fact that they should have a social media presence, and had set up a Facebook and Twitter page. However, neither of these pages have been updated in months. They want to be educated and presented with tangibles so that they can eventually (and more effectively) manage their online social media accounts. We meet with client and present a simple-to-understand social media marketing plan that incorporates the use of their current social media channels while introducing other integrative aspects. One aspect is the idea of B2B visual storytelling in which we show how the gates are made by workers at the factory location, then to production, and finally installed on the property of the business owner and/or individual.

Take a look at the return on investment (ROI) from having a professionally managed social media campaign.


ROI of Professional Social Media Management

Our social media management services utilize comprehensive online marketing to help reinforce your business’ brand, build engaging relationships with your consumers, and drive revenue.

Whether you are a brick-and-mortar store, a local restaurant, or a large corporation, having a professional social media strategy in place is critical. Having a professional social media manager who can carry that plan to action is even more valuable.

Your company deserves to have its social media professionally managed, leaving you more time to focus on the other aspects of your business. Our social media management services use ethical, organic traffic to position your business for success.

With C0MPLÉX1, your social media will be managed by individuals who are certified Google experts, giving you a creative advantage to help you build social strategies that are heard towards reaching new customers.


The following is a list of social media platforms that we currently work with as well as a brief overview of some of the services we provide with each.


  • Regular industry-related posts
  • Targeted advertising
  • Reputation management
  • Customer engagement (responding to requests, etc.)


  • Creation/Management of company/brand page
  • Optimizing video content for maximum searchability
  • Sharing new videos
  • Brand monitoring/fast feedback to consumers

Google my Business

  • Regular posts & updates
  • Talking with fans & acquiring new fans via G+ communities
  • Community outreach by commenting in relevant communities, and +1’ing relevant posts


  • Daily/Weekly Tweets
  • Industry-related Re-Tweets
  • Brand monitoring
  • Follower engagement


  • Creation/Management of Business profile
  • Regular posts/updates to business profile page
  • Interacting with industry leaders on other relevant pages
  • Targeted advertising


  • Creation of brand/business page
  • Establishing Pin boards relevant to your business
  • Following/liking pins from other, related industries


  • Consulting with you on how to set up and manage your Instagram

Social Media Statistics Worth Noting

*The following statistics (unless otherwise noted) are from 2014.

  • Every 60 seconds on Facebook: 510 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated, and 136,000 photos are uploaded. [source]
  • Every second, roughly 6,000 tweets are tweeted on Twitter, which equals more than 350,000 tweets sent per minute, or 500 million tweets per day. [source]
  • In 2012, there were 575 likes and 81 comments by Instagram users every second [source] with more than 5 million photos uploaded each day [].
  • Google+ users spend an average of 7 minutes per month on the site. [source]
  • In 2014, more than 2 users signed up for LinkedIn every second with 41% of visits happening from a mobile device. [source]
  • In 2014, 5 vines were tweeted/shared every second. [source]
  • Each minute, more than 100 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube with roughly 6 billion hours of video watched per month. [source]
  • On Facebook, 75% of engagement on a post happens within the first 5 hours. [source]

Social Media Setup & Strategy: Getting Started

Depending on what your social media needs are, the setup process typically takes between 1-2 business days. During this time we:

  • Review what your social media goals are (in-person, or via phone)
  • Have you fill out our Client Questionnaire
  • Research competitors/gather information
  • Present you with a proposed Action Plan
  • Obtain proper authorization to your social media account(s)

Call C0MPLÉX1 today at 919-926-8733 to get your social media management setup and started!