At C0MPLÉX1, your business is our business, and we are driven to help you succeed. To that end, we offer a unique suite of custom Internet marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) services and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), based on your company's goals and needs. Also, web design and development services to fit many budgets and scale. Do not hesitate to contact us for specifics. Credit Terms Available.



SEO Audit
Staring at
Free or $489
Small Business
Starting at
per month
Medium/Regional Business
Starting at
per month
Large/Enterprise Business
Staring at
per month
  • Small Business SEO Starting at $800 per Month, some services as low as $21 per hour!
  • Full SEO Audit Starting at $1,200
  • Medium / Regional Business Starting at $2,500 per Month
  • Large / Enterprise Business Starting at $8,000 per Month


What Should My SEO Budget Be?  | Why We Don't offer Packages | SEO is High Tech Work | About Our CompetitionExperience Curve Pricing


Hourly Consulting
Starting at
per hour
Monthly Management (Setup fee may apply)
Starting at
per month*
Enterprise Monthly Management (Setup fee may apply)
Starting at
per month*


  • Hourly Consulting with Junior Rep starting at $89/hour, Senior Rep at $200/hour.
  • Full Monthly Management Starting at $1,250 per Month (up to 14.5% of AdSpend over $9k/month)

Web Design & Development Pricing

MVP Site
Starting at
Small Business
Starting at
Medium/Regional (Business/Practice)
Large/Enterprise (Business/Practice)
eCommerce Website


  • New MVP Website as low as $250/month
  • Starter Business / Minimal Website: $2,500+
  • Small Business / Standard Website: $4,500+
  • Small/Medium Business / Practice Website: $4,500-6,000
  • Large Company / PracticeWebsite: $6,000-8,000+
  • eCommerceWebsite: $6,500-$25,000+ *Varies depending on complexity

Your website is the ‘face’ of your business, and on the Web, first impressions matter. Create a captivating website that is both functional and appealing to your target audience.

At C0MPLÉX1, we’ll sit down with you 1:1 to walk you through the process of web design and development to help you find the best web design, style, and functionality that fits your budget.

When talking about web design & development, it is important to note that there are other elements that can affect the overall price, such as:

  • Complexity of functionality/special features
  • SEO elements (ex: new, professionally written web copy)
  • Custom web design
  • Extra features, etc.

Any budget, Any style

At C0MPLÉX1, we possess the professional experience and expertise to help you design & market a website that converts. Our professional experience includes small local business needs up to large website build-outs of $25k and up, to eCommerce websites, non-eCommerce websites, and more. Medium and large businesses will benefit most thanks to our experience curve pricing which allows us to be more productive and efficient.


PPC & SEO Plans Crafted Specifically To Your Business


We take the time to sit down and speak with you, getting to know your business and who you are. During this time, we'll look at where you've come from (your past experience and results with PPC/SEO) as well as the direction you'd like to head in.


We research your competition, your products, website, history and industry to help us begin putting together a comprehensive strategy for growth.


Once we do an intake of your site/business/competition we then formulate a custom monthly/hourly plan. Our growth strategy plan is developed and may incorporate one or more of several different online marketing areas, including: web development, graphic design, content marketing, PPC campaign planning and/or SEO development.


Once everything is developed and implemented, we monitor your account and any activities, continually looking for specific areas of improvement and ways to maximize your ROI. We'll check in with you regularly to make sure you fully understand every area of your business campaigns.


Our services are entirely contract based. For clients that use an excess of hours per month (usually 10+ hours) we sometimes can offer an hourly rate incentive, which is lower than our published rates below.


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*Credit Terms & Time Bonus' available for Crypto payments only. Credit Terms denominated in BTC only.