C0MPLÉX1 Owns Its Own IP Addresses

Here at C0MPLÉX1, we never stay stagnant. Instead, we constantly strive to expand and improve. That’s why we’ve taken the bold step of becoming an autonomous system. We’ve also expanded in another way: owning our own IP addresses. These are much-coveted, hard-to-acquire, highly valued IPv4 addresses, and we are proud to provide them, along with the many benefits they offer, to our clients.

Quality and Control

Through us, business owners can now have their own dedicated IP. These are not IPs leased from a potentially untrustworthy provider. Instead, they are fully owned and controlled by us. This allows us to ensure that the quality and security we’re known for extends to our clients’ sites.

A few of the benefits of partnering with us and having a dedicated static IP include:

  • Maintaining a reputable presence with no risk of spam sites, malicious sites, adult sites or low quality sites being “neighbors” or sharing a similar IP
  • Determining and enforcing your own standards and terms of use
  • Controlling the information that gets sent out and thereby reducing the risk of hacking and security breaches
  • Reducing your risk of downtime
  • Accessing your site and data via FTP software and remote access

A Higher Standard

As mentioned, when you obtain an IP address through C0MPLÉX1, it’s not just any address. Instead, it’s an IPv4 address. These are virtually impossible to acquire these days. And, if you are fortunate enough to find one, you can expect to pay an exorbitant fee for even one block.

However, we have taken the necessary steps and expense to acquire these much-desired addresses, all because we are deeply committed to our clients. We believe our clients deserve a higher standard, and we’ve backed up our values by purchasing, maintaining, and implementing these addresses for our clients’ use and benefit.

Contact Us Today

Our commitment to our clients is unparalleled. If you want this level of dedicated service backing your business, reach out to us today. We’re happy to discuss the benefits of having your own dedicated IP address, as well as the many other ways in which we can offer your organization a unique competitive edge.