C0MPLÉX1 Offers Safe, Secure Hosting Services

Recently, the well-known web hosting company, GoDaddy, experienced a data breach that affected 1.2 million customers. This breach left customers vulnerable and exposed sensitive information, including:

  • Email addresses
  • Customer IDs
  • Database passwords
  • SSL private keywords 

Unfortunately, this type of exposure is a risk users take when they choose big box providers for web hosting. The good news is that something can be learned from the GoDaddy data breach: the importance of dedicated hosting from a reputable provider.


At C0MPLÉX1, we are proud to offer not only dedicated website hosting but also dedicated IP addresses to help keep our customers’ information more secure.

Safety, Speed, and Satisfaction 

Our web hosting services are centered on safety. We saw the risk in trusting overwhelmed big box hosting companies years ago. This prompted us to take action and migrate our clients from GoDaddy to our own trusted server.

 As a result, our customers enjoy:

  • Competitive pricing 
  • Speed
  • Continual website backups
  • High levels of cybersecurity
  • Expert IT services
  • Dedicated customer support

Best of all, we offer the kind of personalized service you won’t find with a “chain” web hosting company. You won’t be just another website to us. Instead, we’ll take the time to understand your organization and its hosting needs, and we’ll use our expertise to find you a customized solution.


What’s more is that we don’t just put these safeguards in place once. Instead, we continually work to keep your information safe through regular monitoring, security upgrades, and being proactive against new and developing risks. With us, your site and your data can stay secure, which protects both your information and your reputation. 

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Why take a risk with your business when there’s a better, safer option available? To learn more about our web hosting services and the many measures we take to protect you, contact C0MPLÉX1 today.

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