South Adventure

C0MPLÉX1 created a brand-new website for South Adventure, a global travel agency. This website project followed close on the heels of the previous creation and launch of a separate website project for the same client.

What We Did

C0MPLÉX1 met with the client to discuss the vision they had for their website, and the work was broken down into the following 4 categories:


Logo Design

The client had a clear idea of what elements they wanted to incorporate into their logo design. Namely, they wanted their business name represented visually in the final design. Our graphic designer took these elements and created three unique logos, which were presented to the client.


Web Design

When we met with the client, we had them fill out a questionnaire, which helped to lend insight into their preferences, what they expected out of their website once it was published and components or features of other, similar websites that they liked/disliked. From their feedback on the questionnaire, we proposed a web design layout to demonstrate what the client’s website would look like as well as how it would function.


Once the logo design and web design were approved, we began work on the website. Key elements of this process included:

Content: Because it is a travel agency website, a generous amount of time was devoted to content creation and editing work. This also included supporting functions, such as content writing, implementation, quality assurance and the creation of “contact” forms.

Design: Design elements accounted for another huge piece of the pie. Considerations were made regarding: the number of images, placement of images and ensuring alt text was written for each image used. There were also details for graphic elements, such as: icons for hotels, services provided and visually representing levels of difficulty. Finally, attention was paid to the user experience with reviews for quality assurance as well as testing the responsiveness and functionalities of the website.



Once the logo design, web design and website were complete, the client made several branding requests for: t-shirts, hoodies, business cards, and email signatures. Using the previously approved logo design(s), we presented the client with proposals consisting of: 3 t-shirt options, 3 hoodie design options, and 2 options for both business cards as well as email signatures.


The Results

The client was both surprised and “blown away” by the finished product(s). They were excited to see their brand represented in not only the logo but in elements that were interwoven throughout the website, business card and merchandise.

The high level of detail which made this project so successful was only achieved because of the attention to detail paid during the iterative process in which we worked closely with the client to ensure they were satisfied with the project deliverable.