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Disclaimer: The client’s name has been withheld and some sensitive data has been augmented for client privacy.

C0MPLÉX1 worked with the therapy practice for three years. During that time, we delivered high quality results exclusively by using Google Ads Pay-Per-Click advertising. The type of advertising we did for this business is outlined below.

ABOUT The Therapy Practice

The practice offers talk therapy counseling services for individuals and couples. Counseling services include (but are not limited to): marriage counseling, relationship therapy, family therapy, couples counseling, premarital counseling, singles and couples’ workshops, family counseling, child therapy, teen counseling, parenting guidance, help with ADD, ADHD, divorce, relationship advice, as well as help with dating, love and communication.

*For the purposes of our advertising relationship with this client, the client wanted to focus specifically on one portion of the business.



The therapy practice operates using a multi-tiered system with the most experienced clinicians billing at a higher rate and the newest clinicians billing at a more entry level rate. The following data demonstrates the average amount of revenue earned for each clinician based on a new patient making an appointment for the first time.

Revenue for First-Time Booking

First time revenue booking ranged between $100+ to $200+.

During our advertising testing at the time, we were able to demonstrate that the practice was able to double business volume when spending aggressively on Google Ads.

In other words, the more the practice put into advertising, the more they got out of the Google Ads campaign, resulting in an extremely profitable outcome.


With a clear understanding of the client’s goals, C0MPLÉX1 came up with a comprehensive PPC plan that involved:

  •   Defining the target audience
  •   Determining target keywords & phrases
  •   Conducting keyword research of competitors/industry
  •   Formulating a content strategy
  •   Optimize descriptions of counseling services offered
  •   PPC/Adwords implementation
  •   Using keywords to help create ad content
  •   Setting appropriate budgets based on marketing goals
  •   Setting up Google Ads and ensuring it was correctly implemented on site (to track conversions)


Counselors / mental health practitioners can run very profitable businesses using internet marketing!

This business was focused on relationship therapy. After working with C0MPLÉX1 for a while, the practice had developed a 55 percent conversion rate, based on the number of people who were calling to inquire about services and then, subsequently, scheduling an appointment.

On one end of the spectrum, the practice gained an average of 16 new patients per month while advertising. This equated to $150+ per patient or just over $31k in new annual revenue ($160 x 16 new patients x just 12 appointments).

If everyone were a higher tiered clinician, this would have equated to $40k in annual revenue for new patients each month.

Ad Spend Vs. Roi

On average for the tested term, the practice spent $1,100 per month for a total of 400 clicks. Compare this to the practice spending $2,600 per month for a total of 1,000 clicks.

When the practice increased their budget by 140%, their traffic went up 150% and they doubled their business!

For a client running a Google Ads campaign in this industry, the practice would have to assume the cost of the advertising. The cost of advertising was recouped relatively quickly due to a shorter sales cycle with prospective patient learning of the practice to becoming a paying patient. Due to the nature of the practice, each new patient was usually retained for an average of 12 weeks.


(number of people who made follow-up appointments with The therapy practice)

*The following numbers indicate the number of times a person came in for a therapy session in the given time frame listed.

  • Highest Level Clinician: 20 times in 20 weeks
  • Top Clinicians – 14 times in 14 weeks
  • Other Clinicians – 6-8 times in 8 weeks

Profit Margins

It took roughly three weeks for the practice to earn positive revenue back from advertising. In this example, the practice advertised, acquired new leads, booked new patients, and recouped the advertising investment spent on Google Ads.

Statistical Breakdowns Based on Conversion Rates

With a 55% conversion rate when the practice spent ~$2,600 per month on Google Ads, it received a monthly average of 15 phone calls per week and 30 new patients per month. This generated roughly $5,000 in new Revenue that month. Later, the practice was able to reach above 65% conversion rate with incentivized phone reception. When all of those new patients came back only 5 times (well below average of 12) over 5 weeks, the resulting revenue of that one month with new patients is over $30k.

To summarize, the client invested ~$2,600 per month and got back more than ~$30,000 per month!

This model varies depending on current CPC, conversion rate of leads, and rebook rate of practice.


The counseling / therapy industry was well served by creating and executing an aggressive paid search campaign using Google Ads. When C0MPLÉX1 worked closely with the therapy practice, we were able to effectively research, launch and manage a comprehensive Google Ads campaign that served the practice well and drastically increased the practice’s revenue and ROI.

According to the client, “Google Ads has made a HUGE difference in my ability to grow my practice.”

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