C0MPLÉX1 has worked with Van Products clients since 2011. This client asked C0MPLÉX1 to help deliver high quality Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising with search engine optimization (SEO) results for a separate division of its business.

About Van Products

Van Products Commercial Upfits is a division of Van Products and supplies a wide range of high quality, customized commercial upfits, accessories and cargo solutions within the automotive industry.

Van Products Commercial Upfits is a reputed industry leader in the Southeast United States, serving the automotive needs of people all the way from West Virginia down to Georgia.

The Long-Term Goal

C0MPLÉX1 was appointed to create and manage both the client’s PPC and SEO campaigns (including management of the client’s Google My Business (GMB) listing).

The goal was to increase the client’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings, thereby increasing traffic to the website as well as increasing conversions on the sale of the client’s product(s).

What We Did

C0MPLÉX1 offered a wide range of SEO and PPC services, working quickly and efficiently to ensure that the client’s goals were met.

SEO & PPC Plans

With a clear understanding of the client’s goals, C0MPLÉX1 came up with a comprehensive SEO plan that involved:

  • Defining the target audience
  • Determining target keywords & phrases
    • Conducting keyword research of competitors/industry
  • Formulating a content strategy
    • Optimize descriptions of inventory items
    • Diversify content
      • Optimize meta information on website
      • Optimize/re-write content on individual web pages
      • Optimize client blog and craft new material
      • YouTube videos/viral media
    • PPC/Adwords implementation
      • Using keywords to help create ad content
      • Setting appropriate budgets based on marketing goals
  • Setting up Google Analytics/Google Ads (ensuring it was correctly implemented on site (to track conversions)

The Results

As a result of C0MPLÉX1’s direction, Van Products Commercial Upfits saw impressive positive change to their SERPs, web traffic and conversions.

1º & 2º: Perhaps most impressive is the fact that Van Products Commercial Upfits surpassed the leading manufacturer/competitor for products. Van Products Commercial Upfits also occupied the first TWO spots of the top search engine results with the third listing occupying the fifth spot. This accounted for thirty percent of the market nation-wide (even more locally with the GMB listing).

3º: With regards to dominating the top search engine results - the fith result on the SERP listed was an alternate website of Van Products Commercial Upfits, which C0MPLÉX1 built and launched! Additionally, C0MPLÉX1 was able to help the client’s parent company rank not only for the specific search term; we also assisted Van Products Commercial Upfits in ranking for a new, dedicated website just for the vertical!


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Among the questions we commonly receive from clients are, “What do we do once we rank #1 for a search term? Can we just stop?” The short answer is yes, you can absolutely stop – OR you can allow us to do what we do best, which is help you dominate the market and acquire more market share.

Working with Van Products Commercial Upfits, C0MPLÉX1 was able to effectively strategize, create, manage, and implement highly effective SEO and PPC campaigns, which yielded impressive results for the client, particularly as it related to the SERPs. This is a perfect example of what C0MPLÉX1 does for its long-term clients.

Because of C0MPLÉX1’s effort, experience and expertise, C0MPLÉX1 was able to help Van Products Commercial Upfits meet and exceed their goals.