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South Adventure is an amazing company that provides unique tours and travel opportunities in a variety of destinations throughout South America. The owners had worked with C0MPLÉX1 in the past to create a different website, and they came to us again with a new project and new requests. We sat down with them to discuss their goals and their vision for this new project. From there, we created a new website, an attractive logo, and a cohesive branding plan to help South Adventure reach its goals and appeal to its target audience.

Logo Design

South Adventure asked that we create a compelling logo that was representative of their brand and the image they wished to project. We worked with them to find out what elements they’d like to see in their logo, such as having their business name visually represented. Our skilled graphic design team then went above and beyond for the client. We used the information they provided to create not one, but three unique logos for the client's approval.

When our logo options were unveiled, South Adventure was absolutely ecstatic at their quality and visual appeal. In their opinion, the logo choices rivaled those of major brands, and they were incredibly pleased that we’d been able to deliver such professional logos at such reasonable prices. While all three logos were excellent contenders, after much deliberation, South Adventure was finally able to choose the one that they liked best. They now proudly display their logo in a variety of their marketing materials.

Web Design

In addition to crafting a perfect logo for South Adventure, we also designed and created their current website. The South Adventure web design process started with an insightful questionnaire that enabled us to learn more about the client and what they envisioned for their website. Even though we’d worked with them before, we wanted to start fresh and ensure we understood and fully embraced their ideas for this new project. We inquired about their expectations, the website features they wanted, and what they liked and disliked about their competitors’ websites. We then used this information to develop and propose a web design layout for their approval.



Once we were sure the client loved our ideas, we worked on developing and editing helpful, search engine optimized content that would draw in prospective clients and keep them engaged. We also incorporated carefully placed images, alternative text, and well-designed icons and graphics, all while paying careful attention to the overall design, look, and feel of the site. Our goal was to create a functional, easy-to-navigate website that appealed to customers, search engines, and the client and that contributed to a positive user experience from start to finish.

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Our South Adventure branding included crafting multiple designs at the client’s request. Using the previously approved logo, we created t-shirt and hoodie designs, business cards, and stylish email signatures to help them look more professional to potential clients.

Impressive Results

Our South Adventure SEO and marketing campaign was a great success. In fact, the client told us they were “blown away” by the products we created. They felt like, for the first time, their brand was truly represented and like all of the parts of their marketing had come together. In short, they felt primed for success and ready to achieve their full potential, and, ultimately, that’s our goal.

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We helped South Adventure reach its goals and set the business up for a bright future, just as we’ve done for countless other companies. If you’re interested in what we can do for you, we invite you to contact us today. We look forward to collaborating with you.

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