C0MPLÉX1 WILL NOW Officially Begin Observation of US HOLIDAYS

After over ten years of non-stop working towards helping our clients reach their goals, C0MPLÉX1 will begin to officially observe US holidays.

For the past decade+ C0MPLÉX1 has never actually taken an official holiday: There has always been someone on staff working every business day, something we have taken much pride in. However, starting with Thanksgiving 2019 C0MPLÉX1 will observe the same US holiday schedule as the NYSE, which can be found accessing this link. (Our work hours have actually matched the NYSE for years.)

Regardless, there’s no reason to worry: If there is ever an urgent need our international office and staff will maintain their availability and as always, every client can reach the owner’s (Noah’s) cell phone in order to get immediate solutions to any unexpected problems.

At C0MPLÉX1 we are focused on offering the best possible service to each of our clients, a goal we will continue striving for every day of the year.

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