General SEO Tips Every Business Owner Should Know

If you own a business, then you probably also own a business website, and ideally, you should be making sure that your website is as search engine optimized as possible. Establishing and maintaining good SEO isn’t always easy, but, with the right, professional help from a qualified SEO and marketing firm and with adherence to a few basic tips, you can have good SEO and help your website and, by extension, your business to have success.

Don’t Just Focus On On-Site Content

Most businesses spend a big chunk of their time worrying about and focusing on their on-site content and how well-optimized it is. And, while this is certainly important, keep in mind that SEO also extends to outside of your website.

This means that you want to regularly be reaching out to try and get mentions on blogs and other relevant websites. You also want to try and get listed in relevant directories, link to your site on similar sites, send out press releases, utilize social media, and more.

If you can optimize your content both on-site and off, then you will definitely have success.

Choose Your Domain Name Wisely

If you haven’t yet launched your site, then, make sure that, before you do, you choose the best possible domain name. A good domain name for your website will, ideally, include both the general theme/purpose of your business as well as your location.

A pet store located in New York City, for example, would do well to have the domain name or A good domain name is so very important for proper search engine optimization and for drawing the right kind of traffic to your website that, if your site is already published and your domain name is lacking, you may want to look into changing it. That may be a bit of a hassle, but it should pay off enough in the long run to make it worthwhile.

Aim for Realistic Keywords

Finally, bear in mind that it’s very competitive to rank very high for super common, long-existing search terms like “LED TV” or “washing machines.” And, though these keywords may be perfect for and super relevant to your business, you’d have to spend a LOT of time and money to rank high with them.

Instead, aim for more realistic but still popular keywords like “best Italian restaurants in (insert your geographic area here)” or “washing machines in (insert area here).” These keywords might not be as big or far-reaching as the others, but, if they do their job, that is all that counts.

Really, we could list a thousand more tips on SEO and STILL not be done telling you everything you need to know. However, these tips are a good start, and, if you follow them, you should see big improvements in your SEO!