Google Introduces AMP for Email

If you’re looking to create a more dynamic, web-page like experience right at your inbox, discover how Google introduces AMP for Email.

Coming soon to Gmail and other major email providers such as Yahoo Mail, Outlook and, this new development promises to turn email messages into an interactive experience where you can get things done without having to leave your web based email client.

Even though this freshly revealed development was announced over a year ago, it took a lot of back-end work for the public to finally view and experience its results.

Although email experience has largely stayed the same over the past decade, web has not, so with the introduction of AMP technology that turns static flat content into a more interactive one, it was about time that this translated into inboxes as well.

Taking action through your emails used to come from clicking on a link to open a new tab and entering another website, AMP for Emails promises to make messages interactive using AMP supported components, such as amp-carousel, amp-lists and more, meaning that you can now RSVP to an event, book an accommodation or browse through a store’s inventory without ever leaving your inbox.

A few of the companies already supporting this new format are, Despegar, Doodle, Freshworks, OYO Rooms, Pinterest and redBus, so expect to try out the development soon if you’re subscribed to any of these. Other partners that will support AMP for Email on their platforms include SparkPost, Litmus, Twilio Sendgrid and Amazon’s SES and Pinpoint email and marketing tools.

For developers with experience in AMP web pages working with this new format should be fairly easy, while marketers will be able to keep their content up-to-date and interactive for their users, who will enjoy a more engaging and actionable email experience.

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