Google: The One World Government

When most people think of Google, they think of it as a simple search engine. However, in the decades since its inception, it’s become so much more. Today, it’s no longer just a way to find the most relevant websites or content. Instead, it’s a powerful force to be reckoned with. Driving over $700 Billion of GDP in the US alone. In some ways, it’s like the “ruler” of the internet. It has the power to determine which organizations get discovered and have their voices heard . . . and which ones fall by the wayside.

Those who follow Google’s best practices and know how to leverage its power can prime their businesses for success. Those who don’t often get left behind. Fortunately, at C0MPLÉX1, we’ve been studying Google and its evolution from the start. We know this search engine inside and out and take pride in helping our clients use it successfully.

With Google, Everyone Must Fall in Line

Comparing Google to a one world government makes sense when you consider that no one can really escape its rules or its reach. Absolutely everyone has to fall in line if they want to have online success. From rich business owners managing huge corporations to fourteen year olds striving for fame on YouTube, Google’s algorithms, regulations, and strategies all play a role in their lives. Smart professionals learn to harness its capabilities and play the “Google game” to their advantage. Those who don’t risk being deplatformed or having their content blackballed by the world’s most powerful search engine. Whether you agree with this form of online government or not, the truth is that you have to make Google work for you, rather than against you if you want to realize your goals and broaden your reach.

A World of Possibility

When you choose to work with Google, rather than against it, a world of possibility opens up. From selling products and services to communicating with and educating users, you can use Google to do almost anything. After all, Google is essentially its own economic ecosystem, one that generates trillions of dollars per year in GDP and that spans almost every country. Thus, even if you find some of its rules, such as its language preferences, draconian, the financial choice is to stay within best practices. If you don’t, you can find yourself sidelined in a way that feels similar to having economic sanctions levied against you. You run the risk of having any and all work you’ve done previously, including revenue-producing work, cut off. Imagine being banned from YouTube or having your business website be virtually invisible. Google has the authority to make these things happen. So, with that in mind, don’t fight its power. Instead, learn how to leverage it for your own gain.

The Power of Expert Help

Google has successfully achieved its goal of building a powerful framework that dominates the internet and exerts great control over the visibility of content on its platform. Now, it’s your job to play within the ‘rules’ and make Google work for you! Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone. C0MPLÉX1 features a skilled, highly experienced team of web designers and developers, graphic designers, content writers, marketers, SEO / SEM specialists, and other professionals who are intensely familiar with Google and how it functions. With our help, you can work toward achieving the visibility and compliance you need to come out on top.

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