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Google is Removing Accelerated Budget Delivery

Starting October 14, 2019 Google will be changing its ad delivery options. Search campaigns, Shopping campaigns, and shared budgets will no longer have the option of using accelerated budget delivery. Any campaigns that fit these criteria will be switched to standard budget delivery starting October 7, 2019.

If you are currently using accelerated budget, it is recommended you change to standard budget in your campaign settings page. Using 3rd party tools or scripts to switch network campaigns or shared budgets to accelerated budget may result in error.

Google has decided to make this change because campaigns with a limited budget often see a higher average Cost-per-click (CPC) when using accelerated budget delivery. This is due to ads showing more frequently in the morning when competition increases the cost. If your campaign is never limited by budget, you will not see any change.

The change was also made because campaigns with limited budgets using accelerated budget could have their ads only shown in one area. If the region you are targeting has multiple time zones your ads will not be seen in later time zones if your budget is depleted early in the morning.

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