Looking for New Revenue for Content? Be Brave!

If you’re like most people, then you love browsing the internet. What you probably don’t love, however, is seeing lots of low quality ads crowding your screen, at the bottom of every news story, or, even worse yet, clicking on an innocent looking link only to get transferred to a totally different website full of even more low quality ads.

It may soon be time to make a “Brave” choice and switch to the Brave browser. This promising new browser is designed to automatically block any ads, trackers, and ad transfers.

That means that, not only do you get a better/faster browsing experience, for both for yourself and your prospects if you own a website of your own, you may receive compensation for your high quality editorial content.


The Miracle of Micropayments

If you are a person who consumes a lot of info on the internet regularly, one planned feature you will love that is exclusive to the Brave browser is that you can automatically and PRIVATELY pay your favorite websites using it. You can make payments to any site without being tracked and without facing countless low quality ads and borderline harassment as a result of your patronage. To make this happen, you simply download the Brave browser and then enable the Brave payments feature. From there, you can make payments using your Brave wallet, which you can fund via cryptocurrency or bitcoin.

Not only is this feature awesome for those who consume a lot of content, but could also be good for businesses that promote Brave since they can offer a simple and easy way to fund their sites without any worries or fears attached.

The C0MPLÉX1 Connection

You may be wondering why we, as an advertising-based company, are so fond of the Brave Browser. Well, it’s simple really. As advertisers, we understand new technology that doesn’t allow site owners to know more information about their visitors, traffic etc. can be concerning; however, C0MPLÉX1 sees a future where technology like this may evolve into being an asset retailers/publishers/site owners can leverage even more than current technology to create more sales and customer/client relationships.

The bottom line is that if your customers are going to continue being your customers, they need to be able to put their faith in you, and you can make that happen by consistently providing them with safe, trustworthy ways to fund and patronize your site. Thus, when you promote secure browsing, you also promote your own business, which is why we found it a worthwhile topic to broach.

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