C0MPLÉX1 Teaching Elementary Business

I had a great time on Friday teaching basic business principles to 2nd graders at Frank Porter Graham Bilingüe. I was happy to accept the invitation from staff to come share my knowledge about business to the students. They had been studying basic Economy the last section.

Making Business Relatable to Children

To break it down and make it relatable to something most of them were familiar with, I used the popular  game, Minecraft, as a basis. I then explained supply & demand using abundant resources like soil vs. scarce supply of resources like the coveted diamond ore as examples.

We talked about many aspects of Minecraft and how the game paralleled other, ‘real world,’ examples of economy and business, such as: Trade, Competition, Investment, and even International Trade (friends from other Biomes).

Thank you to all of the staff and students for hosting me Friday afternoon!

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