Market Demands On Software Engineers – The Value Of Good Developers

The market demands on software engineers are higher now than ever before and they will certainly continue to go up – The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects software developer jobs will increase by 30 percent between 2016 and 2026.

In today’s highly digital world, a good web developer is a key aspect of any business that wishes to position itself successfully on the internet, whether through a website, mobile app or any other development.

According to a tweet posted by Bloomberg reporter Jon Erlichman – who our CEO had the pleasure to meet in person during coverage for the “Bloomberg Technology” tv show in San Francisco -, average salaries for web developers and software engineers in top industry companies are currently ranging from $120,000 to $280,000, but why is demand so high?

What We Need From Software Engineers

In today’s digital age, the whole world practically runs on software: Every business out there needs a website and everyone with internet access uses them and apps every day, so the need to keep these resources as up to date, complex and efficient as possible means software engineers need to be able to stand up to the job.

As software is still local and competition gets fiercer by the day, most developments get built many times with a myriad of software solutions being developed to cover basically anything. As software development tools improve and projects get more and more complex, customers expect more everyday. New platforms come out and developers are no longer just needed for web but for iOS, Android and in some cases Messenger, WeChat and so much more.

Considering code has a limited lifetime and needs to be changed and updated constantly, it’s no wonder market demands on software engineers keep going higher and higher. If to this we add the fact that demand is higher than supply, then you can easily understand why a good web developer is more coveted than ever.  

What Makes A Great Web Developer In Today’s Digital World

When it comes to websites and apps, not all of them are built the same, hence why now more than ever companies are placing value on developments that help them stand apart from their competitors and achieve their goals, meaning the bar and market demands on great software engineers will only continue to grow.

However, don’t think that a great software engineer simply needs to write some good code. As the market grows, it also begins asking more from them, necessitating competence in every single aspect required to build, deliver and ship valuable software.

As the IT function shifts into more strategic organizational roles it is demanded of engineers that they add extra abilities to their resume such as being able to work in teams and across departments, combining their technical knowledge with aptitudes outside of traditional IT, such as customer service, analytical skills and communication.

A great software engineer is someone who is continually up to date on the latest developments, technologies, patterns and approaches while understanding precisely the product they’re developing and the business for whom it is made for. A good developer is able to think beyond the code and go to the experience of users of the software, anticipating the impact their decisions have on their team, company and the broader world around the development being worked on.

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