Signs Your Content Isn’t Great

So, you’ve worked hard on your business’s website and have created (or hired someone to create) a load of relevant content, such as blog posts and articles. Chances are that, once you have reached this stage in the game, you are feeling pretty darn good about yourself and your business. Unfortunately, however, just “feeling good” isn’t a surefire sign that your content is all that it needs to be. So, before you settle for satisfied with your content, be aware of and on the lookout for the tell-tale signs that your content isn’t everything it needs to be.

Sign #1: The Comments Aren’t Coming

One of the easiest indicators of unsuccessful content is if you aren’t getting many or- even worse- any comments on your content. Hopefully, you have a space for comments in the first place. If you do, though, and nobody seems to have anything to say about what you’ve written, take that as a bad sign.

Comments equal reader engagement. If readers care enough about your content, they will comment on it, good or bad. If they’re not commenting at all, however, this is a good (well..bad) sign that, sadly, nobody really cares about what you’re saying and that it’s time to revamp your content to be more engaging and affecting.

Sign #2: There’s Been No Change in Site Hits

Another bad sign is if, since publishing your new content, there’s been no change or very little change to your site hits. Truly good and truly search engine optimized content is going to get readers to your page, end of story. If that’s not happening, then your content isn’t doing its job and/or isn’t fully or correctly optimized.

You should also see changes in the length of time visitors spend on your site, in the number of people who share or link to your content, and in the number of conversions. If you’re not seeing these things, your content is in need of some help.

Sign #3: It’s “Stuffed” with Keywords

Finally, if your content is so full of keywords that it’s hard to make sense of it all, that’s a major issue. Good content contains keywords, yes, but it contains keywords that are inserted in a seamless, non-noticeable way.

Not only is overly-stuffed content a turnoff to readers, but it’s also a turnoff to search engines and can have the exact opposite effect of what you intended.

If you are seeing these problems with your content, then it’s time to make some changes and maybe even get some professional help so that your site and your business can prosper the way you want and intended them to.

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