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What is a Container?

These days, all kinds of technology exists. In fact, there’s so much that it can be hard to tell what’s legitimate and necessary from what isn’t. However, containers definitely fall into the useful category.

What is a container? You can think of it as a way to virtualize your operating system. Using a container, you can run different processes and programs. A good container will have everything you need in order to do so and offers many other benefits as well.


With an application container, your application can be separated from its environment. This simple fact offers many benefits. The main one is that you can work on upgrading dependencies, clearing up problems, and improving your application without letting other application specifics, like which version of software you’re using, get in the way.


Containerization also makes sense for many purposes because of how efficient it is. Without a separate operating system involved, containers don’t take up much room or tax a system much at all. In fact, they’re usually small enough in size that you can run several of them on one server at the same time.


As if the above containers benefits weren’t enough, you’ll also find that containers are incredibly versatile. They can run anywhere and across different systems. Run them on Linux, Windows, or anything in between. Or, choose to run them on a public cloud. The choice is yours, which provides you with a lot of freedom and enables you to work in a way that works for you.

Learn More Today

As you can see, containers are a smart solution in many situations. But, if you’ve never used one before, you may be a bit confused about how they work or how to make the best use of them. Don’t worry, though. C0MPLÉX1 is here to help you understand containers and optimize their use in a way that benefits your business. To learn more, we invite you to contact us.


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