What is Docker?!

Many people, especially those who run their own servers, apps, or websites, have heard of Docker, though they might not be quite sure how it works. Whether you have or have not heard of Docker, however, it’s an important tool that you should familiarize yourself with.

So, what is Docker? Via this open source platform, you can develop or run your applications in what is known as a “container,” an isolated but shared environment that packages code and dependencies for a faster running application

Use Fewer Resources

The above Docker definition is pretty simple, but you may not be clear on why you should use Docker, apart from its speed. Well, one of the big reasons is that it enables you to keep your applications that are operating on the same host from causing problems with one another.

While other options have been developed to try and accomplish this goal in the past, few programs work as efficiently. Docker, which doesn’t use as many resources as other choices, such as virtual machines, is less taxing on your system.

Run Multiple Containers at Once

Using and understanding Docker is simple in other ways as well. In fact, one thing that most users quickly discover and love about Docker is that it allows them to run several containers at the same time, all thanks to their lightweight design. Thus, you can get more done at once compared to other tools.

Run Your App Anywhere

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of using Docker is how portable and versatile it makes your applications. You can use them anywhere because Docker makes them convenient to pack and ship. This also makes for easier to do updates as needed.

Learn More Today

Hopefully, this Docker overview has helped you to better understand this option and its benefits. However, this information is somewhat complex, so don’t panic if you feel overwhelmed or simply need help navigating Docker and other modern software options.

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