C0MPLÉX1 recently consulted with a client on ways to improve their website rankings on search engines. Based on competitor research and analysis as well as an understanding of their goals, C0MPLÉX1 recommended creating additional pages of content, which were keyword-specific to their industry. Once published, the pages immediately showed up in the top ten search engine results with some of the keyword phrases showing up in the top five search engine results.

About Carimus

Carimus specializes in large-scale applications for some of the world’s most influential brands. More specifically, they deliver strategy, creative and technical services for well-known brands, helping brands connect with their audience via mobile app development, web development, and other creative digital marketing technology.


What We Did

C0MPLÉX1 offered an abbreviated version of SEO content creation services, working quickly and efficiently to ensure that the client’s goals were met.

SEO Plan

With a clear understanding of the client’s goals, C0MPLÉX1 came up with a comprehensive content strategy that involved:

  • Defining the target audience
  • Determining target keywords & phrases
    • Conducting keyword research of competitors/industry
  • Formulating a content strategy
    • Creation of a pre-determined number of content pages
    • Diversify content
      • Collaborated with client’s internal staff to provide guidance on content creation for users as well as for SEO purposes

The Results

As a result of C0MPLÉX1’s direction, Carimus saw impressive positive change in keyword rankings for newly-created content pages in a relatively short amount of time, with the average keyword search phrase moving up more than 175+ places to rank in the top TEN search results on Google.

Keyword Rank Report (KRR)

In the most recent keyword rank report, we saw positive movement to all of the content pages that we suggested the client create that were published.


The client benefited by creating several new web content pages for their website, which they were able to publish fairly quickly. Working as a consultant, C0MPLÉX1 was able to effectively research and advise the client in the creation of industry-specific web content that they knew would rank well in search engine results and reach their target audience.

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