Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

Often, when people launch a website, they think the job is done. After all, their website looks great and runs smoothly. What more could they need? The answer, unfortunately, is a lot.

Web development is not a one-time thing. Instead, it’s an ongoing process, particularly if you’re using top open source web development platforms, such as WordPress. Security needs will pop up, as will software updates and other changes, and your website has to be prepared to meet them. Otherwise, it will quickly become out-of-date, unsafe for users, and basically unusable.

For these reasons, here at C0MPLÉX1, we don’t just launch a website and then leave it alone. Instead, we implement a continuous integration and continuous deployment plan that keeps the site fresh, stable, secure, and modern. With our help, your website will always look and perform its very best!


Changes You Can Count On

Our approach to CI/CD is backed by some of the most trusted technology in the industry, including Git. Whenever we make changes to your site, those changes are carefully tested, de-bugged, and then deployed with the aid of trusted Git software. This enables us to continually and instantly deploy changes, all while tracking their effectiveness, as well as any issues, to make ongoing improvements. As a result, your site is always at its best when it’s in our hands.

Through Git technology, not only are we able to make fast, effective edits to your site as needed, but we do so while maintaining or improving:

  • Speed
  • Safety
  • Data integrity

Configuration Management

Successful CICD should also include configuration management. In a nutshell, this means that your site will continue to perform as it should, no matter what changes are made to related hosts, servers, software, plugins and more.

If you have a WordPress site, for example, and WordPress suddenly changes its configurations, as it often does, we’ll already be prepared for the change ahead of time and can enable your site to successfully mitigate it. Likewise, plug-in changes or additions, software updates, new features, optimizations, or security changes are never a challenge for our skilled, watchful team.

Careful Monitoring

In addition to configuration management, we have tools in place to monitor your website, any changes made to it, and any outside changes that could affect its viability. Through the use of Google Analytics and other trusted software, we carefully monitor your website, including uptime monitoring. Furthermore, we regularly test its performance with our unique tools to ensure it’s operating to our standards, which are of the highest degree.

Your One-Stop Solution

Web development has to be an ongoing process if it’s going to be successful. Here at C0MPLÉX1, we understand that fact, which is why we do it all, all the time. We never stop working to make your site perform its best because software changes never stop happening.

We do everything your site needs, from inception onwards. This includes:

  • Planning, coding, and building your site from the ground up
  • Hosting your site
  • Project management and issue tracking
  • Effective container monitoring
  • Testing your site via the Google Suite of tools and other technology
  • Ensuring your site is mobile friendly and comprehensive across all of the ever-changing access platforms
  • Regular monitoring and testing of SEO
  • Properly releasing your site, only when it’s perfect, via Git software

And, once your site has been deployed, we go through all these stages again, as needed. We are constantly working behind the scenes so you don’t end up with broken forms, poor loading time, security breaches, and other issues that negatively affect both your website and your business.

Contact Us Today

Your website is like a car speeding down the road at 140+ miles per hour. If something goes wrong, you have to swap out parts while maintaining forward motion. You have to plan for that fork in the road like you knew it was coming. Here at C0MPLÉX1, we have the “map” you need to brace for every turn . . . and sail through it with ease. To learn more about how we can assist you, contact us today.