Custody Services from C0MPLÉX1

Are you looking for a way to securely store the website domains you have purchased or plan to purchase? Or, maybe you want a particular domain, but not in your company’s name? Whatever your reasons, C0MPLÉX1 can help with our custody services.

Protect Ideas and Privacy

Do you have a competitive idea that you’re not quite ready to fully unleash on the world? Our custody services can help. They can keep your domains or other data private until you’re ready to put them into use. And, even then, we can help advise you to control who has access to the information you supply. This extends to protecting your site from a state and other forms of surveillance, which are becoming growing sources of concern in a world where net neutrality and privacy are threatened.

Fight Censorship with Control

When you choose our custodial services, you’ll enjoy website & domain protection. This means that your website will be more decentralized. As a result, your website resiliency may be more robust.

Furthermore, our services can help you to win the battle against censorship. Say what you want and share what you want while reducing the risk of access to your site being shut down, or at least shut down quickly.

Contact Us

Would you like to learn more about our custodial services and why they matter? Or, maybe you already understand what’s at stake and are ready to secure your assets. Whatever the case may be, we are here for you! Don’t let censorship, downtime, or surveillance get you down. Instead, contact us, and take back your control.