Digital Marketing for Medical Practices

It’s no secret that the health care industry is slow to change and conservative when it comes to marketing. This slow approach to marketing is the source for many medical practices to keep up with the changing times.

The good news is that times have changed, and digital marketing is no longer a four-letter-word in health care. In fact, medical practices around the world have begun to adopt digital marketing as a real way to reach their patient population.

While the demographics still skew younger, evidence shows that the benefits of digital marketing far outweigh any risk as this form of marketing continues to grow in popularity and acceptance among patients of all ages. Now, health care marketers have a tangible way to increase patient engagement as well as patient retention and new patient acquisitions.

Benefits of Digital Marketing for Your Medical Practice

At C0MPLÉX1, we understand health care, and we specialize in creating comprehensive digital marketing campaigns that are safe, HIPPA compliant and deliver expert, informative content that is specific to your target patient population (or provider population).

Think about how often we use mobile devices to guide us into making major medical decisions.

According to Pew Research, at least 35% of U.S. adults have gone online specifically to try to figure out what medical condition they or someone else they know might have.

Besides this, most Americans use some sort of digital device in support of or in addition to a medical appointment. For example, if you’ve just been told by your doctor that you need to have your tonsils taken out – when you get home (or even before you leave the office), you’re on your phone looking up information, articles, videos and after care on tonsil removal.

Most medical practices today offer online scheduling as well, which lends itself to digital marketing.

From online reviews and testimonials to real-time, location-based advertising to clear, easy to follow medical content – we know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to digital marketing for medical practices.

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