eCommerce Conversion Tracking for Enterprise-Level Businesses: A Recipe for Success

For many businesses, the recipe for online marketing success seems easy enough. You’ve got a relatively successful medium to large-sized eCommerce business with an online presence, and to your digital marketing “pot”, you’ve thrown in a mixture of Google Ads, Google Analytics, a CRM, and perhaps some other miscellaneous Google merchant services.

But along the way, you realize that the recipe is much more complex than you’d anticipated, and it seems as though several steps are missing entirely, leading you down a rabbit hole of frustration and missed financial opportunities.

Enterprise-level businesses come to C0MPLÉX1 for assistance with Google Ads, Google Analytics eCommerce conversion tracking because they’ve never fully figured out how to get their conversion tracking working correctly and / or set up properly. As a result, they don’t know and cannot analyze how much new sales cost (ex: cost-per-acquisition (CPA), cost per new customer, cost per sale, cost per lead, etc.).

C0MPLÉX1 understands the complexities surrounding eCommerce products and conversion tracking, and we have the experience, tools, and skills to break this process down into the steps needed to successfully work with your enterprise business to ensure that conversion tracking is cohesive and working correctly across all platforms.


Issues with eCommerce Conversion Tracking at the Enterprise Level

One of the primary issues surrounding conversion tracking, related to eCommerce at the enterprise level, is fragmentation. The fragmentation of all products and tracking (think Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Merchant Services) makes the task of correctly implementing conversion tracking extremely complex, tedious, and generally very time consuming.

Compared to C0MPLÉX1, most other companies

  1. don’t know how to implement conversion tracking at this level because of how tedious / complex the process is, OR
  2. simply refuse to implement conversion tracking, OR
  3. will start but won’t finish simply because there are so many parties that need to be involved

Conversion Tracking at the Enterprise Level = A Team Effort

Correctly implementing conversion tracking for enterprise-level eCommerce is a lengthy process with many moving parts.

Your Business

At the heart of it all is your company. You know better than anyone else what should or shouldn’t be tracked as a conversion as well as different values assigned to those conversions if it is / isn’t related to eCommerce.


C0MPLÉX1 takes the information you’ve given us, and we perform a comprehensive audit in which we match everything up and provide you with feedback for other conversions that you may have not thought of or perhaps didn’t consider (ex: downloads, lead forms, actions, paths, etc.).

Google Tag Manager & Development Team

From there we work with Google Tag manager to ensure that all your conversions are set up properly. We work closely with our development team to make sure Google Tag Manager is in place and all the conversion tracking is set up properly for both Google Analytics and Google Ads.

Implementation of Conversion Tracking

Fully implementing conversion tracking may take anywhere from six to eight weeks when factoring in elements such as: auditing, communication, planning, execution, quality assurance, confirmation of implementation working, changes in editing, final reporting completion.

After initially implementing tracking changes, we may let things run anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. This allows us to gather data on whether the implemented changes are working correctly. Should an issue arise, C0MPLÉX1 works closely with the development team to resolve any conversion tracking challenges quickly and efficiently. These may include other layers of complexity, such as other CRMs that enterprise-level clients may be running.

Why Hire C0MPLÉX1 for Enterprise eCommerce Conversion Tracking

C0MPLÉX1 offers enterprise-level business owners and managers comprehensive, meticulously laid out eCommerce conversion tracking that is unmatched by other Internet marketing companies. Business owners benefit by receiving concrete metrics that they can confidently utilize to make sound business decisions. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Google Ads budgets
  • Google Organic budgets
  • Other digital marketing and advertising budgets

Business owners are also able to line up their costs with their income to generate more complex metrics. Build a lifetime value of a customer internally using your own metrics to then make an educated decision as to where to allocate capital / budget on a variety of verticals, including Google Ads and Google Organic.


Contact C0MPLÉX1 today to learn more about these and other benefits of hiring a professional for your enterprise-level eCommerce conversion tracking needs.