Fix My Website

In this era, every business needs to have a quality business website. Without one, it is really hard for businesses to attract customers and to reach their full potential. Unfortunately, however, having a poorly constructed website with lots of problems is just as bad, if not worse, than having no website at all. If you know that there are issues with your website and have been searching for solutions on “how to fix my website,” search no further, we can help!

Here at C0MPLÉX1, we start by taking a look at your site as is. Our goal isn’t to go in and change everything; we just want to fix the problems that exist and keep the good things you’re doing. Once we’ve taken a full look at your site, we’ll let you know the problems that we find, how we suggest you fix them, and an estimate on how much time it will take. Once we’ve agreed on a scope, we’ll fix your website to make it the best it can be and to benefit your business is bottom-line!

While we have found all kinds of problems with different B2B & B2C websites, there are some issues and problems that are more common and, unfortunately, more detrimental than others.

Poor Design

If you built your website several years ago and haven’t updated it since, there is a good chance your website is suffering from outdated design. If you’ve still got old-school flash, animated GIFs on your page, if your page is cluttered, if your text isn’t readable, or if your site is just plain unattractive, then it’s definitely time to let us help you!

Remember, your business’ website is often the very first thing your potential customers see; it is the first impression that you give off, in other words. Thus, if your website looks old, outdated, and uncared for, people automatically assume your business isn’t modern or well-maintained, which could send your would-be customers elsewhere.

Dead Links

Another big and all-too-common problem with many websites is having a lot of dead links- links that just plain don’t go anywhere or that land the user on an error/dated page. Too many of these can be very frustrating for visitors to your website and can send a bad message about your business. We can help to make sure that all your links, images, and other content is accessible and loads quickly and easily, which will keep customers and potential customers from getting frustrated and leaving your site.

Not Mobile Friendly

In today’s world, a great many people (if not majority) are accessing content on the web on their Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. If your site isn’t highly compatible with mobile devices, then you’ve lost a big chunk of your potential customer base right there. Don’t get passed over in favor of your competitor just because your site wouldn’t load! Let us bring you into the present with mobile-friendly site design & technicals.

While we regularly fix these types of problems in order to help businesses thrive, we can also help with a variety of other site issues, including the following:

  • An unclear purpose/goal/conversion goal
  • Outdated/poor quality content
  • Programming/Technical issues
  • Poor search engine optimization (SEO) or lack of SEO

Every day you wait to fix these (or any other) problems with your website is a wasted day, a day that is likely costing you customers. Don’t wait a minute longer; let us help you with all your website needs; give us a call today!