Google Analytics

One of the most powerful features of internet marketing is that you can carefully track every marketing effort you make. With good tracking and analytics, you can track precisely what is profitable and what is not, making it easy to improve your marketing and profits.

Google Analytics is a free tracking and analytics service offered by Google that allows you to easily track exactly how well your marketing efforts and website are performing. Google analytics can give you a boatload of data, such as:

  • What pages on your site people stay on the longest
  • What page most leave your site from?
  • What site they come from
  • What keywords your visitors use to find your site on the search engines
  • What internet service provider (ISP) your visitors use
  • What days you get the most hits
  • What parts of the month do the views peak
  • What other websites refer you the most people
  • What pages convince your visitors to buy from you
  • What sources of traffic convert best
  • And lots, lots more!

Google Analytics can be the difference between a failed marketing plan and an amazingly profitable one. But as with many things, you have to know how to use Google Analytics the right way!

We can install the program on your site, and help you start using it. We will provide you hands-on training so you learn how to use the power of analytics to skyrocket the effectiveness of your marketing! We will have you managing your site and marketing like a pro in short order!

If you want to make your site more successful, you need Google Analytics. If you want to use Google Analytics to the fullest, we can help you do that!

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