Move or Merge Google My Business Reviews

Quite frequently, business owners will discover that there are duplicate Google My Business pages for their business. When this happens, they may wish to ‘delete’ one of the listings. But, what happens to the reviews associated with that listing? Can they be moved to the new page, or do they just disappear forever? Or, can you simply merge the two pages together?

The short answer is yes. It is possible to move Google My Business reviews to a new or existing listing, and it’s also possible to merge listings. However, you will need some help to make it happen and reduce review risk of loss. And, luckily for you, here at C0MPLÉX1, we specialize in assisting clients with all of their online marketing needs, including any issues they may be having with Google My Business.

Are the Reviews Still Relevant?

Before you attempt to merge Google My Business reviews, ask yourself this: are the reviews still relevant and accurate? If your business has changed the types of services or products it offers or is very different in some way, Google may not be willing to merge or move your old reviews. If that happens, we can provide other options to boost your online reputation and encourage new and positive ones.

Be Prepared to Work with Google

Unfortunately, you cannot move or merge Google My Business reviews on your own. This is something that Google will have to do for you. Ultimately, they will make the decision about whether or not your request should be honored. Providing proper backup and reasons based on their terms and guidelines is necessary.

For this reason, it’s important to reach out to Google via the right channels and to phrase your request and your reasoning for that request in the right way. Thankfully, we are a Google Certified Partner and work with them regularly, and we will gladly assist you in contacting Google, ensuring the greatest chances that your request will be approved.


Open and Shut Cases

Fortunately, there are many instances in which Google is incredibly likely to move or merge your reviews for you. If, for example, your business simply changes physical locations, and the change in location does not affect the business or its desirability, your request will likely be honored. The same is true when a business changes ownership.

It’s important, however, that Google understands why you are requesting for the reviews to be moved or merged. If you have a perfectly legitimate reason, but you don’t explain it clearly, your very reasonable request could still end up denied. That’s why it’s so important to work with the professionals here at C0MPLÉX1.




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