Pixel Tracking

What is Pixel Tracking

Every business strives to connect with customers and provide the best service. Pixel tracking is a powerful tool that allows businesses to do this more efficiently. Tracking pixels are basically code that can be placed on ads or pages of your website to help you track customer habits. Tracking pixels can provide you with a plethora of information that can be used to optimize how you market and target customers. C0MPLÉX1 can help you take your website or pay per click (PPC) ad campaign to the next level by adding and tracking pixels. We are a certified Google Partner and know what it takes to get you more quality leads.

The Benefits of Pixel Tracking

Understand Customer Habits

Data is king and knowing how your customers interact with your site and ads is invaluable. Pixel tracking helps you better understand how your customers get to your site and what leads them to convert.  If certain ads or pages on your site are more successful at creating leads, they can be highlighted. Underperforming ads and pages can be updated to increase their effectiveness. At C0MPLÉX1, we can create a customized plan to implement pixel tracking and help you understand what the information means. We provide you with data that can benefit your business on all levels.

Optimized Ads

Creating ads that bring in the right people at the right time is no easy feat. With traditional media, it can be difficult to judge how effective an ad truly is. However, with pixel tracking you can see exactly how well your ad is working and make adjustments. Pixel tracking also allows you to target a customer’s specific needs. If a visitor to your site is interested in a certain product or service, you can send them related ads. C0MPLÉX1 can help you create and monitor a flexible PPC ad campaign that can be continually refined to get the best results. We quickly implement any requested changes and provide weekly and monthly reports so you can get the most from your ads.

Optimized Budget

Pixel tracking can help you maximize the ROI of your marketing budget. It can show you the cost per conversion, so you know if your campaign is cost effective. Waiting to find out if an ad was successful can be expensive and lead to wasted time and money. With pixel tracking, you can monitor how well ads are performing and at what times. This allows you to show ads to the right customers at the right times. At C0MPLÉX1 we can create a campaign that will help you get the most for your marketing dollar.

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