Keyword Research as the Basis to a Good SEO Strategy

Keyword research is the foundation of a solid search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. By targeting the proper keywords keyword research ensures that our clients reach the right customer and area of interest, therefore getting ahead of the competition and creating content that attracts prospects and keeps them interested in the products and services the website offers.

By going through a proper keyword research process we are able to create a complete, high quality campaign and understand how people are interacting with your business - if your ads are working, how many people visited the website or called your business, etc.

Getting visitors to your website makes absolutely no sense unless they’re the right visitors. In an already overly saturated market, proper keyword research is the difference between a website that is overlooked and one that quickly climbs to the top of search engines.

How to Find the Perfect Keywords for Your Business

One of the main goals when conducting proper keyword research is choosing those keywords that will translate into sales for your business. There’s no point in finding an interesting market niche when the keywords involved are barely searched or acted upon.

When done properly, keyword research lets us know exactly which terms and phrases to target with SEO in order to learn more about both your customers and your competition. Keyword research may also allow you to predict and respond to changing market conditions and more.

As experts in digital marketing C0MPLÉX1 conducts world class keyword research by first acknowledging the current status of our clients’ websites. We not only check your current keywords; we also research the keywords your competitors are using. This process requires a lot of research, testing and some of the best keyword research tools in the market.

Some of the questions we ask during our keyword research process includes:

  • Is the keyword relevant to the website’s content?
  • Will customers find what they’re looking for on the site once they land there via a specific keyword/keyword phrase search?
  • Will the website content be useful/relevant to them and their intent?
  • Will this traffic result in financial rewards or other organizational goals?

If the answers to these questions is “yes”, then it means we’re on the right track.

 Keyword Long Tail - How is This Useful for Your Business?

Are obscure ‘long tail’ keyword phrases the gold mine? In short, not really. The volume is in the keywords that have thousand of searches a day. However, there can still be fat margins in the hills of ‘long tail’ words. A lot of research time is required to find them, and this is usually done over they months and years of SEO for a clients business. It is a never ending discovery of great keywords that most competitors don’t even know about!

In fact, popular search terms only make up less than 30% of the searches performed online. The rest fall into what we call “keyword long tail”, which contains hundreds of millions of unique searches conducted only a few times or less per day, but when clumped together result in the majority of search volume.

Keywords that fall into the long tail may be much easier to position (rank for) and may usually generate higher conversion rates (better profit margins). This is because you’re dealing with detailed searches that  have few legitimate competitors, therefore catching people earlier or later in the buying/conversion cycle. For example, someone typing “flat screen tv” on Google is probably just browsing or starting their shopping. As a rough example however, someone searching for “24 inch flat screen LED TV in Durham, NC with home installation” may be further into the buying cycle and more motivated to make a purchase immediately.

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