Spanish URLs

When creating a business website, you have to plan every detail carefully, and that includes the URLs. However, this leaves many people wondering about sites that are in languages other than English, such as Spanish sites. Can they create Spanish URLs and still achieve a high ranking with Google?

The answer is yes! Google can still crawl, rank, and index sites with URLs in other languages. However, chances are that if you’re using various languages, you may need some help properly optimizing your site all around, which can be tricky. Don’t worry, though, because C0MPLÉX1 is ready and able to assist you.

Reach a Wider Spanish Literate Audience

As mentioned, having URLs in Spanish does not negatively affect your site’s performance in any way. In fact, having URLS in various languages is actually a very good thing since it can help you to reach a broader audience.

If you are able to sell your products or services anywhere in the world, why wouldn’t you? After all, the wider and broader your client base, the bigger your brand and the more sales!

Here at C0MPLÉX1, we are committed to helping your site reach the widest audience possible. We can determine what countries related traffic is coming from and then help you to market to those countries in the most effective ways.

Make Your Spanish URLs Match Your Content

Often, people will take the step of translating their content into different languages and offering various language versions of their sites. Even after they go to all that trouble, however, they sometimes forget to use non-English URLs. So, the user will see the site content in their preferred language, but not the URL. This is confusing for the user and presents an inconsistent image.

If you’re unsure how to translate your URL or any other element of your page, don’t just shrug and leave things mismatched. Let us help you to fully translate all parts of your site for a uniform look and an easier browsing experience for all users.

Create Matching Metadata

True bilingual SEO isn’t just about what visitors to your site see. It’s also about what the search engines see, which includes your metadata. We can help make sure your metadata is targeting the right keywords in other languages. If it’s not, your pages often won’t rank highly for those who perform searches in other languages.

Allow us to help you create flawless, effective metadata in every language you use. Then, sit back and watch as your site starts to gain rankings in different languages and countries.

Contact Us Today

People speak all kinds of different languages, so it just makes sense for your business to serve as many of those languages as possible. If you have questions about SEO for sites with multiple languages or want to enlist our assistance, we invite you to contact us today! We can help your site expand its reach and experience amazing growth.