3 Ways To Rethink Your SEO According To Google’s Marketing Team

Just because Google is the king of everything regarding search engines, doesn’t mean that the people at Google don’t deal with challenges of their own when positioning their own websites.

According to a recently published article in the Think It With Google website, they have to stay up to date on website SEO strategies in order to not be left behind. Experience has taught the Google Marketing team to apply a few certain strategies when it comes to positioning. They’ve come up with and shared 3 ways to rethink SEO in order to boost everyone’s online presence.

This cohesive website SEO strategy can be put into place by everyone who owns and manages a website by taking into account all of the algorithm and policy changes Google uses in order to ensure users are getting the most accurate results to their searches.

Strategy #1 – Think Big, Start Small:

When looking for ways to rethink your SEO strategy, it’s always good to think big but start small. Minor, incremental changes to a site’s overall optimization strategy can produce noticeable gains over time.

In the cited article, the author mentions the increase in organic traffic gained by Google My Business marketing site as an example of how once a few changes are installed, such as implementing canonicals (to show search engines what URLs to index), or improving metadata, rankings immediately see a difference.

By conducting an SEO audit to your website or simply examining and recognizing the weak points it may have regarding search engine optimization, you too can detect what little changes need to be implemented in order to boost your SEO and increase the organic traffic that comes into your site.

Strategy #2 – Embrace Changes

Search features are continuously evolving, which is why we’re always trying to catch up with them. Therefore, a surefire way to successfully rethink your SEO strategy comes from going with the flow and embracing said changes, instead of fighting or finding yourself surprised by them.

By experimenting with these changes you can come up with better SEO results over time.

Strategy #3 – Focus Your Efforts And Consolidate

While it can be tempting to create multiple websites targeting different locations or customer profiles and using very similar content in all of them, these types of strategies haven’t worked in favor of the Google Marketing Team and probably won’t work in your favor either.

Experience has taught Google that when looking for ways to rethink your SEO strategy so that results improve organically over time, it is best to focus efforts and consolidate just one good website instead of multiple microsites.

Duplicate content confused both users and search engines. While on-page performance matters, it is never more efficient than a website SEO strategy that takes into account your entire web ecosystem.

Applying The Google Point Of View To Your Website’s SEO Strategy

Just like the rest of us, Google is constantly trying to improve and get SEO right by adding whatever changes that can get better rankings. Looking at their own example, we learn that a good website SEO strategy must be solid enough to drive powerful results, but also flexible and capable of adapting to changes while flowing in the direction of optimal results.

By taking their experience into account you too can boost your site’s SEO performance and make sure you’re not left behind.

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