Organic Search

Organic traffic refers to the traffic that you earn. The traffic is NOT driven by paid advertising or other paid search marketing tactics.

It is the natural way that people type in keywords and search for and find your website without clicking on an ad to bring them there.

Benefits of Organic Search

Some of the benefits of organic search include:

  • Lower Cost

Search engine paid advertising can cost a lot of money while organic traffic doesn’t cost anything. What pays is having a reputable, ethical Internet marketing company (like C0MPLÉX1) who knows, understands, and implements solid SEO principles to give your business an edge over other results.

  • Double Threat

Combined with paid search, an organic approach to marketing allows you to integrate elements from both organic search traffic and paid advertising to create a comprehensive and powerful online marketing strategy that drives results.

  • Increased Credibility

High quality content and a killer web design are key components in any organic search strategy. Often, companies hide behind a paid search strategy without really putting in the work and effort required on the organic side to give their business and website the online presence it deserves and that people can come to know and trust. That’s where C0MPLÉX1 can help.

Our team of trusted, expert authorities on organic SEO are here to help you produce high quality web content, web design and backend programming to take your website from good to great.

Using Organic Search to Drive Business

Most businesses want to show up in the top 10 results for Google, but not all get there because they don’t have a strong organic traffic strategy. At C0MPLÉX1, we can help you get to the top spots organically by building and executing a comprehensive organic search strategy that includes everything from keyword rank tracking, competitor intel, Google Analytics, monthly reporting, web design, content writing and more. Call us today to find out more and get started on your customized organic search strategy plan: 919-926-8733.

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