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The Growth of the Internet to 2019

The internet as we know it today, or, more accurately, the world wide web, first came to life in 1989. As it gained popularity, it slowly revolutionized and took over the world. Today, it is used daily by the vast majority of Americans. It has transformed the way that people buy, sell, communicate, and conduct business. What’s more is that it’s not done growing, making it even more vital for businesses to grow their online presence.

A Major Resource

Internet growth has to happen because the internet isn’t just a boon to communication. It’s a boon to the entire nation. In fact, it’s a major part of the country’s gross domestic product or GDP. According to the Internet Association, as of 2018, 10% of the United States’ GDP was made up of internet-related revenue. That translates to about $2.1 trillion in value. 

Add all of this to the fact that the internet directly employed 6 million tax paying people in 2018 [source:] and it’s clear that the internet is a vital asset to the nation. As a result, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

A Changing World

The internet changed the world, but the world has also changed in other ways. COVID-19, for example, has drastically altered the way that people live and work. With close contact with others discouraged, more people have started using the internet for business, education, work, and more. 

For proof of its growth, one only has to look at annual peak traffic statistics. Data Centre Review reports that, between 2016 and 2019, peak international internet traffic grew at an annual rate of 30%. As of 2020, that rate had skyrocketed to 47%, much greater than the anticipated growth rate of 28%. As the world changes, one truth remains the same: the internet is here to stay and is likely to become an even more fundamental part of modern society.

An Opportunity

People think of the growth of the internet as just a fact of life, something that has little to do with them. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Because the internet is growing and expanding constantly, it’s more important than ever to integrate with this resource, particularly for businesses.

Many modern customers no longer demand face-to-face interaction. Many even avoid it entirely in favor of quicker, easier, internet-based solutions. Thus, it’s imperative for professionals to harness this resource and find innovative ways to use it while they still can. Those who don’t will inevitably fall behind. 

A Path To Evolution

The internet will continue to grow and businesses that fail to fully utilize it wont. To keep this from happening to your business, start growing your online presence now. Change course, evolve, and make internet growth work in your favor. To learn more, contact C0MPLÉX1, a leader in SEO and digital marketing.

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