I’ve Got 99 Problems . . . But the IRS Isn’t One

Small businesses face many challenges. In fact, you might say they have, just like Jay-Z sang, “99 problems.” But, luckily, dealing with the IRS and paying taxes doesn’t have to be one of them. If you’re worried about paying for taxes, prospect fees, marketing expenses, or other general business costs, the solution is simple. Build the funds you need into your pricing model. That way, when the time comes, you won’t pay your taxes or any other fees. Your customers, via the money they’ve spent on your products or services, will. If you’re still confused, don’t worry. At C0MPLÉX1, we can show you how to plan and structure your pricing in the most beneficial way possible.

You’re in Control of Your Prices

It’s important to remember that you’re in control of your prices. You decide how much each product or service costs, and it’s up to you to make sure you’re earning enough to propel your business toward success. We can help you prepare for necessary expenses and then build the costs into your pricing plan. That way, you’ll never have to worry about affording the necessities or limiting your business’ potential. 

Plan Your Pricing Wisely

When you set prices, it’s vital that you keep your expenses in mind. For example, we recently worked with a customer who was concerned about paying for their new website. We showed this customer how to carefully factor the expense into their customer invoices. By making a slight adjustment to their pricing model, they were able to afford their new site, as well as other business essentials. 

Of course, none of this is to say that you have to increase your prices by huge amounts, nor should you. Instead, carefully planning for upcoming costs and spreading the total across your tickets/invoices can make a huge difference. Those extra funds can add up and make a major, positive difference.

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