Your Prospects & Customers Are Getting Younger Every Day

From The Owner (not yet edited)

We have been in business about 10 years now. I have been going on ‘sales calls’ / prospect meetings almost weekly for that period of time. In most of my meetings we discuss the usual things. Your website, your business, profits, margins, costs, budgets, ‘this SEO world’ education (how we work, how it works), but every conversation is about growth.

One of the points I take a moment to clarify is that every day your future customers get younger and younger. By that I mean that every day the ‘younger’ generation gets to age of being your customer. Every day your new customers are more web savvy, tech savvy, digitally more perceptive than your past customers. This is the evangelistic moment of my sales process that urges conversion to a more digitally optimized business. If you want to stay in business and grow.

Upon waking up today I read a fantastic article by Josh Zumbrun over at the WSJ. The article is effectively about the Millennials generation eclipsing Baby Boomers. This article has some great charts with the data. I highly recommend the read.

While the Baby Boomers have many more years ahead, and they most likely NO undoubtably have more wealth to spend & spend on high ticket items they won’t (depending on your type of business i.e. if your focused on serving this generation in their twilight years your good if not great). However all the other businesses customers (and this generations kids/grandkids of the Baby Boomers will sometimes be the decision makers) will be this generation that has been ‘connected’ since 9/10 years old. Generationally speaking they are also the ones to spend, and spend more freely without thought of the future. They (we) have our long lives ahead of us and our most financially productive parts of our lives ahead of us. So scrutiny in spending is less, and far faster. These are your new customers, and possibly the decision makers on the Baby Boomers finances.

I would highly recommend you let us do what we have been doing so well over the past decade. Let us help you serve your next generation of customers and provide you a generation of productive years that will allow you the peace of your later/retirement years.

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