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According to a recent press release, the new responsive design e-commerce theme from Magento is creating quite a buzz [source]. The leader in eCommerce design and themes, Magento brings to light an increasingly important point:

More people are shopping online now than ever before, and e-commerce sites are where it’s at. If you need more proof, look no further than sites such as and eBay as prime examples of billion dollar companies who have become so solely due to the Internet!

Stay in-the-know with your competition and put an e-commerce plan into action to help you take your company to the next level. The first step is to hire a company who can help you take that first giant step forward.

At C0MPLÉX1, we are committed to helping businesses take control of their eCommerce site. We offer programming for Magento as well as other services, such as pay per click (PPC), search engine optimization, social media and web optimization to help steer you in the right direction. We even own and distribute our own quality IP addresses. Contact us today for more information.


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The Three Divisions of Quality Web Design


On the web, you have mere seconds to convince visitors to stay on your website. Your web design is the face of your business; it’s the part that everyone sees, and it is the difference between converting visitors into sales versus driving potential business away. It’s what some use to judge your credibility and what others use to tear you down.

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so it only makes sense that you spend a great deal of deliberation and time with a professional graphic designer to ensure that your web design not only reflects your brand- but is also user friendly. Typically, at least 1/3 to 1/2 of all costs for a website project go towards the web design alone – from graphical elements to fonts, type treatments, matching pantones, and more.


Content reigns supreme. It’s the ultimate reason why people stop by your website: to find out information. Content can range from products to information, to text, visual aids, and more.

Your content should be crafted in such a way that it speaks to your ideal customer. It should be clearly written, uncomplicated and succinctly explain your products, services, motivations, and accreditations to help you get new customers, clients, and referrals.


Programming is the part of the website that you don’t see. However, just because you can’t see it doesn’t make it less important. In fact, programming covers the functionality  of how design gets properly implemented. An expert web development team can create almost any type of custom functionality for your website – from lead generation databases to tracking, to security measures (such as securely accepting payments, etc.), and this plays a huge role in further setting you apart from your competition.

At C0MPLÉX1, we know how important your website and your business are to you, and we are invested in making sure that your website is a direct reflection of the best that your business/company has to offer. Therefore, we are extremely focused on providing you with a solution that helps you to generate leads, sales, revenue, and profits. This is our main goal with our web design offerings and  eCommerce platform.

See Our Portfolio of Clients | Video About Our Philosophy for Web Design + Development

Why is Web Design Critical to Your eCommerce Site

When you visit a website, where is the first place you look? The first place you click? The main reason you exit without purchasing anything?

While physical stores allow potential buyers the chance to browse, linger and look around, the online world is different. If you own an eCommerce site (or any website for that matter), you only have seconds to make that first impression.

Online consumers don’t want to deal with eCommerce sites that aren’t functional. This is why the web design behind your eCommerce site is critical. Web design is a huge factor of business progress. It can help or hinder the future of your website and your potential to create new business and gain new clients.

When you have a properly designed and implemented eCommerce site, you will begin to see increased visitor conversions and potentially better search engine results as your site is shared and indexed by search engines.

At C0MPLÉX1, we offer professional assistance in eCommerce web design, helping you with key factors such as: website color, optimized content, PPC, user-friendly navigation and more. Call us today at 919-926-8733 to find out how we can help you grow your business.

Let C0MPLÉX1 Help You Establish Your eBusiness

One of the reasons that retailers love Magento eCommerce is because of the responsive design and flexibility in options that it offers. This is crucial to the success of so many online businesses because we are living in an increasingly mobile society whereby most people own smartphones and laptops and conduct their business dealings almost exclusively online from one of these devices.

By creating a functional eCommerce site, we can help you take that first great step towards building a robust eCommerce community for your business. From social sharing tools that are integrated into your eCommerce site to creating more interactive shopping pages, we can program and customize your eCommerce site in a way that would best appeal to your target audience.

If You Can Dream It, C0MPLÉX1 Can Help You Build It!

Have you ever heard the saying, “If you build it, they will come?” It’s true.

Today, more than ever, businesses are heading to the world wide web in an effort to attract, retain and grow potential clients – and ultimately increase their business revenue. If you are just getting started with your very first e-commerce site and are seeking answers to questions such as, “Do I need a merchant account?” or “How would having a PPC campaign have an impact on my eCommerce business?” C0MPLÉX1 can help.

From sitting down with you to help you realize a cohesive web strategy to offering programming services to help you set up multiple eCommerce sites, getting started has never been easier. C0MPLÉX1 also offers programming for Magento eCommerce sites, in addition to our other web marketing services.

No matter what your vision is for your business, having an eCommerce site can help take your business from a single storefront to several thousand cities across the world. The key to this success is a) having a stellar website design/function and b) having a web marketing plan put into place by a company you can trust to get the job done.


Our Portfolio of Clients | Video About Our Philosophy for Web Design + Development

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