Google Ads / AdWords Management in Santiago, Chile

Are you interested in aggressively growing your business? Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) may be a great option for you. At C0MPLÉX1, we offer certified Ads management to businesses in Santiago, Chile and surrounding areas.

Some of the key things you can expect from C0MPLÉX1 Ads management include:

  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Better ROI
  • Higher/Improved brand credibility
  • Measurable, Trackable data
  • And more

Ads works faster than most search engine optimization (SEO). As your certified Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) partners, we can help your Santiago-based business increase brand awareness, drive quality traffic and reach more customers than before.

Besides this, we can also reconnect with “window shoppers” who visit your site but don’t buy with structured retargeting ads.

When creating your Google Ads campaign it’s important to make sure you’re targeting the right keywords so you aren’t paying for clicks that don’t get you leads. That’s why understanding match type is so important. C0MPLÉX1 can help you create and run a Google Ads campaign as well as remove negative keywords so you don't waste your marketing budget.

Your Competition is Doing It

Besides the common reason of driving quality traffic to your online business, Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) plays another important role in helping you stand apart from your competition.

Santiago is a thriving area for culture and business. Help yours stand out with professional Ads management from one of our Google Certified Ads (formerly Google AdWords) experts. Together, we’ll help you:


With years of experience creating successful Ads campaigns, our team of certified experts will work with you to create compelling ads that really speak to your target audience. We area also familiar with the various rules governing Ads advertising and can help you avoid having your ads rejected.


Think your competitors don’t have an Ads campaign or two up their sleeves?

Think again.

Having a professionally crafted Ads account makes a huge difference and helps you set yourself a part from other competitors in your industry.

Your Certified Google Ads Experts

We know how frustrating it can be when something doesn’t work the way it should or when you can’t reach someone to help you resolve the issue. While you could attempt to create and manage your Ads account, it is in your best interest to leave your Ads management in the hands of a company that knows what they’re doing and can save you time while helping you increase your bottom line.

At C0MPLÉX1, we are your certified Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) management experts. After sitting down with you to discuss your goals & budget, we’ll help with the ad creation, budgeting and tracking. We treat all of our customers with top notch, ‘white glove’ service. Whatever concerns, questions, or issues you’re experiencing, we work quickly and efficiently to diagnose and resolve the problem in a matter of minutes, hours or at most – a day or two. You’ll never have to wait weeks or months for a response to correct a problem. Instead, we strive to make sure that things are done right the first time.

Expectations from Your Santiago Ads Company

Unlike other companies, C0MPLÉX1 wins when it comes to:


We work faster and harder than anyone else to implement any site changes/edits so that you're not waiting weeks or months for changes.


We implement edits and updates that WORK. You'll never have to deal with half-fixed updates that only work sometimes or in certain situations.


We produce highly logical work that makes sense to users in both form and function.


You won't find another company as reliable as C0MPLÉX1. As our client, you will be able to reach the owner directly if ever the need arises. No matter what problem you may be experiencing, you'll always be able to reach one of us and get help with whatever you need.


Part of our commitment to outstanding customer service includes being completely transparent in all of our work and interactions with you, the client.

You can expect customized, monthly reporting on your company's progress. See where you started, where you are now, and where you could be in the future. Monthly reporting can include items such as: Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords)/Analytics reporting, Keyword rank reports, competitor intel, SEO-related work completed, social media management tracking and more.

Learn more about Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) management in Santiago, Chile by filling out our free online form or giving us a call.