Google Adwords Qualified Individuals

C0MPLÉX1 takes your business seriously. This is why when it comes to your paid advertising, you can always expect a certified Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) qualified expert to work closely with you on your account.

Why Hire a Google Ads Qualified Individual?

Being Google Ads certified its beneficial for a number of reasons. The certification process is thorough and tests an individual’s proficiency in a number of areas of Google Ads. In order to pass and receive certification, individuals must demonstrate that they completely understand various aspects of Google’s online advertising process.

This allows us to create better, stronger online ads for our clients while following best practices that Google has set forth for online advertising.

Qualified Experts

C0MPLÉX1 is driven towards helping you succeed online. By putting our paid advertising experts to work on your account(s), we guarantee that you’ll always receive only the highest level of sales centric Pay Per Click (PPC) online management. This includes:

  • 24/7 monitoring of online paid accounts
  • Keyword/competitor research
  • Professionally written, relevant ad text
  • Bid/budget adjustments
  • And more

When creating your Google Ads campaign it’s important to make sure you’re targeting the right keywords so you aren’t paying for clicks that don’t get you leads. That’s why understanding match type is so important. C0MPLÉX1 can help you create and run a Google Ads campaign as well as remove negative keywords so you don’t waste your marketing budget.

The Importance of Online Advertising with a Google Ads Certified Expert

When it comes to online advertising, trust the experts at C0MPLÉX1. With the vast majority of the world using digital devices on a daily basis, online advertising has grown and continues to grow throughout the years.

Stay competitive within your industry, and reach the consumers you want when you want with targeted, paid advertising from the experts who know how to drive real customers to your business.

For more information about our Google Ads certified experts and the beneficial services we can provide to your business, contact C0MPLÉX1 today.