OptiCat Automotive eCommerce Websites

Effectively manage multiple data partner relationships while streamlining your validation process with OptiCat, a comprehensive software program used by many in the automotive industry.

OptiCat is auto care industry compliant. With OptiCat as your management system, both suppliers and receivers can expect “near real time” data delivery of ACES, PIES, AWDA, IMAGES and other types of data files.

At C0MPLÉX1, we have success in helping automotive clients use OptiCat as an affordable electronic cataloging solution for aftermarket products. Learn how we can help your automotive business by giving us a call today: 919-926-8733.

Benefits of OptiCat to Suppliers

OptiCat software helps automotive suppliers find data discrepancies. Other benefits include:

  • Clean, simple way to authorize and distribute cataloged data
  • View delivery logs as old as 6 months ago
  • Optional online web cataloging
  • Data validation
  • Ability to create product information data delivery templates

Benefits of OptiCat to Receivers

  • Ability to create their custom data formats for the deliver of product information
  • A web portal that allows data receivers to request and manage the distribution of all data types from brands of hundreds of different suppliers
  • Automated email notifications when data becomes available
  • Ability to set data quality requirements that suppliers can see when validating data

Quality Data with a Comprehensive eCommerce Site

At C0MPLÉX1, we are experienced and skilled in building comprehensive ecommerce websites that pull from OptiCat. We also own our own IP addresses and can provide dedicated IPs to help protect your site and your data. Gain greater control over your website, reduce errors, and improve the user experience for consumers, data receivers, and suppliers with technology that supports your needs.

We offer custom ecommerce solutions that help your business stay organized while reducing errors in inventory and improving the user experience.

Grow Your Automotive Business Today!

OptiCat’s software allows both suppliers and receivers to more efficiently manage multi-channel relationships in one spot. OptiCat also helps suppliers and receivers improve their catalog data time to market – allowing them to quickly market new inventory and/or make updates to existing channels.

Don’t lose customers over errors that could have been prevented! C0MPLÉX1 helps you grow your automotive business with an ecommerce website that offers a seamless user experience built on a robust platform that is easy to update and track.


C0MPLÉX1 is proud to offer highly complex automotive ecommerce websites that integrate OptiCat. Pricing starts at $20,000.

Magento: Our eCommerce Platform of Choice

When it comes to ecommerce, Magento is our top choice. Magento is a flexible eCommerce platform offering tons of display and transaction options, product categorization, mobile templates, and more. It is designed to empower businesses throughout the B2C and B2B industries to deliver the most engaging omnichannel shopping experiences fast and at cost.

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