Optimizing for Voice Search

The rising trend in voice search shows no signs of stopping. The almost universal access to smartphones and increasing number of home assistants has quickly boosted the amount of voice searches. For your business to stay relevant online you need to adapt with the changes in the market. To prepare for the future you need to start optimizing your site for voice search.

Why you Need to Optimize for Voice Search

  • Growing Market

Some experts estimate the voice search industry will exceed $30 billion by 2024. A large portion of these users also make purchases through voice search and that trend is also expected to rise. This is a market your business can’t afford to miss. Optimizing for these types of searches can help you grab a larger market share before it is over saturated.

  • Stay Competitive

Your competition won’t wait around for you to catch up. If your competitors are ranking higher on search engine results pages (SERP’s) for the most valuable voice search keywords, you could start to quickly see a drop in leads. If you can get an early start in optimizing for voice search keywords, you can find the most valuable terms before your competitors. This will also allow you to bring in more potential leads.

  • Go Where Your Customers are

Just like planning a physical location for a store, you need to be where your customers can find you. Ranking in keywords that aren’t relevant to your customers is a waste of time and resources. The way customers are searching has changed, so you need to change to accommodate them. Making it easier for them to find you will help you grow your online presence and build a loyal customer base.

  • Great for Local Business

In the past, it would have been impossible for small businesses to compete for the top rankings on SERP’s. Now, Google has updated their algorithm so that local searches favor local business in some sets of searches. If your business can get into the local pack for traditional searches and stay at the top in voice searches, you can start to see a major increase in traffic. Also, more and more voice searches on mobile devices are used to find local products and businesses. This makes it easier to hook potential customers who are looking for instant solutions.



How to Optimize for Voice Search

  • Make Sure Your Site is Mobile Friendly

Google no longer separates searches into mobile and non-mobile categories. This means your site will be penalized in all searches if it is not mobile friendly. Beyond just your ranking, having a mobile friendly site improves the customer experience. If your site is not adaptive, mobile users are likely to move on to a different site that is simpler to use. If your site isn’t extremely mobile friendly, you could be funneling leads to your competition.

  • Modify your Keywords

The way people use voice search is different from traditional searches. In typed queries, people are more likely to use condensed keywords which only contains the relevant terms. When using voice search, people are more likely to use questions and full sentences. This means you have to be optimizing for long tail keywords. It can be useful because you can optimize for user intent. This helps you more easily target customers. Focusing on terms related to near future purchases can help you increase your amount of quality leads.

  • Optimize for Faster Loading Speeds

Nothing will turn a potential lead away faster than a site with an agonizingly slow loading speed. Users expect more now and will often leave a site if it takes more than 2-3 seconds to load. There can be many reasons your site loads slowly like large amounts of content or an improperly structured layout. Optimizing images and combining assets are just a few of the ways you can speed up loading times.

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